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Crummy Looking Tail Lights In Your 70-72 El Camino Or Wagon Have You Down? OPGI’s Got The Fix!

Crummy Looking Tail Lights In Your 70-72 El Camino Or Wagon Have You Down? OPGI’s Got The Fix!

If you have a great looking classic car, you want the whole thing to be great looking because there’s nothing more annoying than seeing fresh paint, polished chrome, and then some dingy, weird, chalky, ugly factory tail lamp lenses on the back of a car. For a long time the only option was to try and desperately rehab the factory stuff that had been baking in the sun for decades or perhaps someone at a swap meet would have a pair that you could buy from a stupid amount of money. Thankfully the fine people at OPGI recognized this issue and they have added 1970-72 El Camino/station wagon tail lamp lenses to their lineup.

These are pieces made by OPGI for their in-house Restoparts line and they are of the highest quality you can get. Heck, they even use the original tooling in the manufacturing process to make sure they fit the way they should and look the way they should.

You can now ditch those old factory pieces and swap in a set of the correct brilliant red ones to match the high quality of the rest of your car. This is another great solution from the folks at OPGI!

Here’s the release from OPGI for ’70-72 El Camino and Wagon tail lamp lenses – NEW

Everyone knows that a worn or damaged tail lamp lens can really detract from a restoration project, especially if the rest of the car is in near perfect shape. Dull or cracked tail lamp lenses are not easily restored and they aren’t easily replaced, as new factory parts have not been available for a long time. That’s why Original Parts Group, Inc. (OPGI) is pleased to announce the availability of new RESTOPARTS® brand exact reproductions of the original GM factory tail lamp lenses for 1970 through 1972 El Caminos and Chevelle station wagons from those same years that share the El Camino tailgate and tail lamp configuration. (RESTOPARTS® is OPGI’s proprietary manufactured line of ultra-high quality restoration parts).

These new tail lamp lenses are injection-molded on brand new tooling developed from genuine NOS parts. Made of red acrylic for a totally authentic appearance, each lens also features the correct GUIDE, SAE and LH/RH markings on the lens face just like the original equipment from General Motors (GM). Built to exact GM contours and dimensions to assure a perfect fit, the 1970-72 El Camino and Wagon Tail Lamp Lenses are currently sold in pairs under OPGI part # C210038 for $79.99. Original Parts Group, Inc. is the nation’s number one supplier and manufacturer of classic GM parts and accessories and is committed to maintaining that reputation. For more information, visit OPGI.com or call toll free: 1-800-243-8355.


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