PRI 2016: A Tour Of The Moroso Booth In Photos Yields New Products And Killer Fabrication

PRI 2016: A Tour Of The Moroso Booth In Photos Yields New Products And Killer Fabrication

When we stopped by the Moroso booth at PRI 2016 we were in search of a couple of things. We wanted to see what new stuff the men and women at the Connecticut based company were working on and we wanted to get up close and personal to rub up on the killer fabrication work that their people turn out every day.

Obviously Moroso has been a leader in the oil pan segment for decades and they continue to be by embracing the latest engines on the market and providing oil containment and control solutions for hot rodders and racers that need them. There was a time when an oil pan was just that, basically a bucket bolted to the bottom of an engine that held the lubricant inside it. Today’s world is very, very different and the oil pan is an active piece of the car’s performance. Whether it is controlling windage, controlling the movement of the oil in the pan during acceleration, cornering, and braking, or integrating with a dry sump system, there’s a ton of engineering that goes into these parts and pieces.

That does not even begin to address the swap market which has summarily exploded over the last few years and has its own challenges. Relocating sumps and making sure that pickups are working in non traditional locations on some engines is a big concern. Then there’s the fact that these pans need to be impeccably built to handle the rigors of competition and keep all of the oil where it belongs, flowing through the engine. You are going to see pans below than range from LS and LT swap/replacements to stuff designed to fit a Lotus! Not to mention those made to fit Brad Anderson hemi engines and traditional small blocks of all shapes and sizes. Drag race pans, road race pans, and more.

You are also going to see new products in the form of a universal oil separator, a new transmission cooler with -6 fittings, quick release fasteners, and a sweet four post ON/OFF switch for race cars that simplifies wiring and operation.

Check out the photos and then click to  visit and see the whole lineup!

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