PRI 2016: Mark Williams Enterprises Was Chock Full Of The Hardest Core Race Parts On Earth

PRI 2016: Mark Williams Enterprises Was Chock Full Of The Hardest Core Race Parts On Earth

It takes special kind of confidence to make racing parts. It takes and even more intrepid belief in your own skills to make the kinds of parts that get most harshly punished by the ever increasing power levels that engine builders and tuners are extracting from their mills. Mark Williams Enterprises has been on the vanguard of racing driveline components for decades and we’re talking about the stuff that gets brutalized. From axles and rear end components to brakes, driveshafts, and gear sets, this company has taken on every challenge ever presented to it and succeeded. They continue to succeed and innovate today and we got a first hand look at their newest and best parts at PRI 2016.

One of the neatest displays was among the simplest. The Mark Williams ball bearing pinion support was set up as you see below and a typical tapered bearing pinion support was next to it. While our wrists aren’t a torque wrench we can tell you point of fact that took half the effort or less to turn the ball bearing piece than the tapered bearing design. It was pretty stunning.

Obviously the company is very well known for their axles and their ability to remove weight while maintaining strength was on display with their high torque axle line. Again interactive, it was as easy as picking up the different axles to see exactly how much weight was saved through the various optional drilling processed and designs.

The 11-inch modular rear end housing you see on the table is something that we have seen under hundreds of hardcore drag racing cars and up close it looks like something that you would survive a nuclear attack curled up inside of. The thing is that beefy and the modular design allows for upgrading and fitment to many different applications.

In terms of jewelry, the forged aluminum spool is among the most beautiful pieces we saw at the whole show. The shameful thing is that when that baby is working, ain’t no one supposed to see it handling the stresses of hanging onto the axles and making sure the power is heading to both.

You know who has the cool stuff at PRI because people are constantly looking at it, touching it, and asking questions. We did not see 5 minutes of time when the Mark Williams booth was not mobbed with people and for obvious reasons. Great products, great reputation, and world class quality.

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