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Odd Rod: This Pro Street 2009 Ford Mustang Has A Bone Stock Drivetrain

Odd Rod: This Pro Street 2009 Ford Mustang Has A Bone Stock Drivetrain

Maybe we’re the weirdos here but when we look at cars on eBay and other places we often try to do the psychology of the owner/builder who got the thing to where it is in the moment we are looking at it. Everyone in the world has their own tastes and preferences, so that’s not the issue. It’s just that some people do it differently in a way that makes us cock our head sideways in the same way a dog does when you ask them to do math.

This 2009 Mustang is a primo example of this situation. You may be thinking, yeah, the treatment on the nose is weird. Or maybe, “why did they put Weld Rodlite wheels on it?” And those are both worthy considerations but the real story here is the fact that someone had this car back halved, tubbed, and equipped with a narrowed axle and huge meats while leaving the engine and transmission 100% bone stock. This car makes like 300hp on a sunny day.

Was this a situation where someone was really craving the ownership of a pro street style car without having to worry about a high horsepower engine? Did they just want someone to get some attention and look different at the ice cream stand in the summer? Heck, did something happen to the first owner? Maybe they conked out halfway through the build and this was where the progress stopped?

Obviously back in the day in the show car world there was a trend where pro street cars were far more bark than bite but we thought that was buried many moons ago. What’s the deal with this thing?

eBay: This 2009 Pro Street Mustang has a bone stock drivetrain – 300hp-ish 

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5 thoughts on “Odd Rod: This Pro Street 2009 Ford Mustang Has A Bone Stock Drivetrain

  1. big john

    is this any worse than twin turbos 1000 hp in a car with no back half at least this one has the hard part done easy to step up the drivetrain

  2. Wes

    So many questions. Like, are those really hexagonal aluminum 4-link bars? What’s the rubber bungee cord for? Is that rubber hose for what I think it is for (gas filler tube)? What did they use for a rear suspension centering device? How much undercoating did they spray up under there and how much weight did it add to the car?

    It’s a $10,000 car at best.

  3. Jeff

    It’s called a driver, probably gets just as many looks as if it had 1000 hp engine without any drivability issues. I had a friend who had a SC Thunderbird done this way back in the day, he drove the he’ll out of it and it looked great. I like it.

  4. Jeff

    The odd thing is the 4 link brackets. The brackets on the housing appear to be front (chassis side) brackets that are upside down??? Not sure what’s going on there, and as Wes said above I don’t see a panhard bar or any other centering device. Still a good looking car though.

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