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Place Your Bets For A BangShift Shirt! Buford T Justice Is Hitting The Dyno With This Engine One Last Time – Guess The Power And Win

Place Your Bets For A BangShift Shirt! Buford T Justice Is Hitting The Dyno With This Engine One Last Time – Guess The Power And Win

That’s right kids, we’re tempting fate one last time with this whale of a car known as Buford T Justice before the current mongrel engine comes out for a creation that we’re going to be building this winter and replacing it with. Fear not, we’re planning on reusing a bunch of the stuff we already have, adding some new stuff to make the combo work right, and then getting after it in the Spring when the snow melts at the strip and elsewhere.

We thought it was only fitting to get one last rip in on the dyno before we called it quits all together with the current engine whose major components have seen some 200,000 miles of service. Remember, at some point it was bored .040 and rebuilt but we have no idea when that was and chances are it was a while back. The engine has a bunch of blow-by now, it knocks like a jackhammer when cold, and for all intents and purposes it has served us well. We’re not going there with the expressed intention of killing it, but let’s just say that we would not be totally shocked if it spit its guts out at us on the rollers.

One of the major issues hampering us in the current state of the motor is the piston/compression situation. Using the factory dished pistons that are way down in the hole and perhaps even worse for us due to the fact that they are rebuilder slugs that are designed to keep the compression ratio low even with the increased bore, we threw a .015 head gasket on there to get some sort of squeeze out of the thing. We also used the smallest chamber head that Trick Flow makes for a small block Chevy. These 175cc intake volume heads have a combustion chamber of 56cc and even with those two “fixes” we’re lucky to be somewhere in the 9-9.5:1 range. That’s not really where it needs to be for the COMP roller cam we have in it and at the end of the day it is a decent running piece with enough power to stick the thing in the deep 14s (with lots of spin and 60′ times at 2+ seconds) but it isn’t nearly where we want it. Our plan is to reuse some of the major pieces that the engine (including the block if it checks out) but add displacement with a longer arm, increase compression by the appropriate means with a good set of Mahle flat top pistons, and screw something together that will really have this white whale singing, but first we need to see where we’re going.

So now for the fun part. You need to guess the horsepower that we’ll make at the rear wheels. It should be noted that the thing was making like 230 at the last dyno session we had before we swapped the heads, put the EFI on it, and actually had it tuned right. Here’s the rundown of the engine. Use this as your guide. The person who guesses the rear wheel horsepower closest to what the dyno reads without going over will win a BangShift prize pack of fun. Ties will be decided by the first person who made the guess. First guess wins. Here’s what the engine is from top to bottom.


355ci small block Chevy with dished rebuilder pistons

Atomic EFI

MSD Billet Distributor and MSD 6AL2 box

Trick Flow Specialties Street Burner Intake

Trick Flow Specialties Super 23 175 cylinder heads

Flowtech 1-5/8″ headers

COMP XR276HR-10 cam. 276/282 Duration (224/230), .502/510 lift, 110 LSA, 106 degrees intake centerline

COMP hydraulic roller lifters

Pulls will be 2500-5800 RPM











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122 thoughts on “Place Your Bets For A BangShift Shirt! Buford T Justice Is Hitting The Dyno With This Engine One Last Time – Guess The Power And Win

  1. Patrick U

    284. Let it be noted that I strongly believe you should start shoving nitrous down its throat until it scatters….

    1. Beagle

      and I came up with 9.68 unless they are over .050 in the hole! Subtracted quite a few HP numbers for “a bunch of blow-by”

  2. Scott

    267 horses if it doesn’t break.
    If it breaks, pull number 8 at 5150 rpm.
    Rod cap coming loose/breaking

  3. authorized racer

    Why not tear it down before the inevitable explosion and use the good parts as door prizes for Bang Shift contests.

    Just like a cooking show, use a swap motor for the video carnage.

    No one will be the wiser when the 90 HP SBC pops and pukes 5 quarts of shard laden oil and water on the floor.

    How about guessing which rods comes out first? Even or odd?

  4. wolf

    Based on the history with the dyno, I’m going to bet something goes wrong before you get to peak power….so 235 rwhp.

  5. mooseface

    I’ll go out on a limb and say somewhere between 1 and 500,000,000 horsepower. Somewhere in that region.

    I like size medium shirts.

  6. oldguy

    267 – grenades on second pull @ 5200
    Best destruction I’ve seen was a sb GM block in a bread van type vehicle
    mutiple rods out the side of the oil pan – ‘ stay together ‘ my ass

  7. dan

    273 hp at 5,600 rpm. It wont blow up either, if anything bad was to happen I’m putting my money on a spun rod bearing.

  8. Dustin Humphrey

    I guess it’ll make 274 HP

    I think it’ll blow on the 3rd pull

    And it’ll blow at 5200RPM

  9. Bill Mesker

    I’m gonna say 280 @5500 before the bitch pukes all four rods out of one side of the block. Not gonna say which side.

  10. Tom

    I”ll pass on the HP guess…..But, if you could indulge me, I have question about the oil cooler lines that came on that 9C1 cop car engine you have in the Buford T.

    I’m put that same (9C1) engine in my 54 Chevy Sedan Delivery and want to plumb in an aftermarket oil cooler, using the factory provisions. What is the line size (minimum restriction) from the filter adapter to and return from the cooler? I did not get the factory cooler or lines with my engine and I’m concerned I may restrict it, if I use too small a line size. I have 3/8″ in mind, unless I learn otherwise.

    Thanks for your help and I like what you’re doing with BTJ,

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