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RacingJunk Find: A Laid Out 1968 Impala Wagon That We Want Badly!

We love wagons and we love big cars. Combine the two things and you’ve got a recipe for pure mechanical magic, which this 1968 Impala wagon is. Rolling around on some pretty big hoops and suspended with a load of RideTech products, this huge car is the epitome of cool. It is big enough to load the family, a few sheets of plywood, all of your luggage, a neighborhood kid, a life boat, board games, a mother of the neighborhood kid, and ham sandwiches with room to spare. Yeah, the stock looking and basic 350 ain’t much to talk about, but this thing is all about low and slow boulevard cruising, not blasting the quarter mile or dominating a road course. Fun comes in many sizes, huge being one of them.

We really dig the two tone paint on this car. Although this combo was not a factory option, it is modern and subtle without being too much or being a distraction in itself. Lots of guys will probably hate on the wheels, but proportionally we think that they are dead nuts on. This car would not look right with a 15 or 16″ wheel on it, especially with the laid out stance delivered by the RideTech suspension (complete with tubular A-arms). We’d be cranking some bigger brakes onto this car stat, because the little stoppers on there now are swimming inside of those big wheels.

The seller is looking for more than $50,000 for this car and in looking at the paint and body work, the spotless and perfect interior, knowing about the full tilt RideTech suspension, and seeing the overall finish of this car, we can see it. We certainly cannot afford it, but we can see it.

Scroll down to see more photos and hit the link to check this large barge out!


RacingJunk Link: A huge and cool 1968 Impala wagon


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4 thoughts on “RacingJunk Find: A Laid Out 1968 Impala Wagon That We Want Badly!

  1. ls7gto

    I really like 68s, and there was one at Carlisle that I would have taken home! But for 50k I think it would at least be a lS under the hood. I hope he gets what he wants, but I think it will be tough in todays market.

    Maybe I need to rethink the drag wheels vibe on my waGOON…..or maybe Not.

  2. CdmBill

    I like everything about it except the wheel/tire combination, too little sidewall.

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