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SEMA 2019: Chevrolet E-10 Electric Pickup – GM Gets In On The Electrification Program

SEMA 2019: Chevrolet E-10 Electric Pickup – GM Gets In On The Electrification Program

The push to switch from internal combustion engines to electrical powertrains in the name of cleaner energy use has gone from a creeping speed to full-blown switch, it seems. Classic car groups are putting out opinions on whether or not it’s correct to do, fans of EV powertrains are practically begging for the pace to be kicked up even more, and there is an increasing section of hot rodders who are seeing the benefits of what an EV powertrain can accomplish. It is difficult to argue against the straight-up speed of an EV’s acceleration and instant torque delivery, even if the noise and “soul”, if you will, seem to be out of the picture.

Chevrolet has decided to jump into this foray feet-first with their E-10 concept pickup. It’s based upon a 1962 C-10 and is powered by a Connect and Cruise Crate propulsion package concept motor that’s powered by two 400-volt batteries that are sourced from the Chevrolet Bolt. The motor system uses a stacking setup that allows for up to three motors to be connected for greater power delivery, in this case about 450 horsepower. That power goes through a SuperMatic 4L75 automatic transmission and is capable of pushing the E-10 to a five-second 0-60 MPH time and a quarter mile in the 13-second range, both of which are quite respectable.

Additionally, the E-10 uses a sound emulator to keep things not-so-silent as it rolls along. Three speakers in the front mimic induction noises while two in the back pump out the exhaust sound. The E-10 is programmed to play a few different tunes, including Camaro Z/28 LS7 in Track Mode, Camaro Z/28 LS7 in Touring Mode, a “standard V8”, which we suspect sounds a lot like a basic small-block Chevrolet, a “futuristic sound”, or you can turn it off and let the Chevy roll along silently.

Is the future electrified? We can’t say for sure. But if nothing else, General Motors and Chevrolet are at least trying to meet gearheads in the middle of this whole debate. The E-10 will be one of about two dozen vehicles on display on the floor at SEMA 2019, and we will be bringing you photos of the others as we start up our coverage later today!

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8 thoughts on “SEMA 2019: Chevrolet E-10 Electric Pickup – GM Gets In On The Electrification Program

  1. Bill

    So much for a usable bed. Beautiful work..If I wasn’t an old guy it might have some appeal. Maybe someday.

  2. Pizzandoughnuts

    Ok, so I’m trying to figure out why people think that this is clean energy. And if we built a 800ci engine running on race gas it would still pollute way less than what we see here. Hey it’s a great build, but it would as a hotrod, never leave as great of a carbon footprint as we see here.

  3. Rob

    The ONLY electric vehicle I have any interest in would be my disablity scooter – which I hope is a LONG way off.

    Electric pickup – about as use full as a one legged man in an ass kicking competition.

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