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Ford To Offer Used LS V8 Option In 2015 Mustang – Junkyard Takeouts Just Got More Expensive

Ford To Offer Used LS V8 Option In 2015 Mustang – Junkyard Takeouts Just Got More Expensive

In a turn of events that may prove shocking to the Mustang faithful, yet should come as no surprise to anyone of sound body and mind that has actually driven a Mustang, a Ford official close to the 2015 Ford Mustang project announced in a press-only conference that the vaunted 5.0 Ford V8 will be shelved in favor of low-milage “pre-owned” V8s from the General Motors truck line.

The official was immediately whisked off stage after the announcement was made, but we were able to get our man on the scene to get a backstage interview after promising the nervous executive anonymity and a ride home once the mob dispersed.

We really had a difficult time developing a power plant that could hold itself together under the abuse that the typical Mustang owner subjected the vehicle to: Dropping the clutch, several-minute-long burnouts, power-shifting, you name it; and this was all during the test drive! After much soul searching and viewing of drag racing and dyno videos on Youtube, we determined that the Gen III and Gen IV truck motors offered by General Motors solved this problem and made sound financial sense. Did you know that you can pick up a complete engine dropout from a late model pickup for under $1000? Mind blown!

Much as we brag about multiple camshafts, four valves per head, and horsepower per liter, have you actually tried to work on a mod motor? Serious PITA, let me tell you. As currently planned, the 5.3L will be used in the 49-state Mustang GT, while the 4.8L will be used for the California models. Meanwhile, the ‘big boy’ 6.0 is destined for the Shelby. Talk about a fast car.

Aside from the massive R&D and manufacturing savings, our marketing team got wind of the ‘The LS1 was touched by the hand of God’ images that have been floating around the internet for a few years now; they really think they can work that angle into our marketing for the European market.

End of the day, it’s all about delivering a car that the customer wants, and we found that all of the fast Mustangs were Chevy powered anyway, so why not save everyone the time and money and build the car right from the get-go?


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36 thoughts on “Ford To Offer Used LS V8 Option In 2015 Mustang – Junkyard Takeouts Just Got More Expensive

  1. familyguy81

    though this is a joke, this is almost bad enough to make me stay away from this place for a long time…….

    1. Big Red

      Being a “Chevy Guy” I didn’t know what you were talking about anyways !! So no harm no foul…… Ha Ha …you got me

  2. Frozen Monkey

    Can you imagine how pissed Henry would be if this really happened. I’d say he’d return from the grave to have his opinion heard. By the same token Zora Duntov would be laughing in his grave.

  3. Ken Neuhoff

    Since it looks bad, and now Chevy powered will run bad, this may force Ford to come out with something good!

  4. dumb

    I’m glad this is just a shitty april fools joke. I wouldn’t want any GM parts near my fords, I prefer not dying because a car company couldn’t be bothered to install safe and working equipment into my vehicle. With any luck GM won’t even be around after this whole ignition fiasco.
    Have fun with that faggots.

    1. Cal

      Really? And how did you feel about the big Ford recalls of recent memory, or how about all the Chrysler recalls? Better yet, hoiw about the MASSIVE Toyota recalls that got them massivly fined by the government for trying to cover it up? Wish all of them would go under for a part that they most likely didnt even make, just outsourced and installed? You really are dumb, the day an automaker dosnt have any recalls is they day they go out of buisness.

      1. ejlucas

        Recalls not so bad-trying to cover it up and ignore it for years while being bailed out by the government-not good!

  5. Chevy55

    Seriously laughing out loud at all the mustang fanatics getting butt hurt over this joke …………….. Truth Hurts lol

  6. jimmy g

    At least you won’t have to have it towed home after a race and I think its funny the ford fairys bring up the ignition switch issue cuz they can’t stand there cars suck like there was never a dangerous ford cough cough pinto that caught on fire and killed 27 people so theres that haters

  7. Tom P

    Being that the LS is a copy of several Ford ideas rolled into one it isn’t as bad as the older orange lumps.

  8. Jake

    How about doing better paint jobs to keep your paint from fading. Every Ford I’ve had has had problems with the paint? What’s up with that?

  9. sosik

    DUMB is getting his panties in a bind about that Ls in the mustang. Lol. He knows its the truth. Fords are slow anyways. Ls is the way to go on anything. No doubt.

  10. NO LS

    This April fools joke is a few pushrods short of being funny . . . .

    Nutting must have taken a few too many “impact” rides in pre-recall Chevy Cobalts for his own good . . . .

  11. Kyle

    Hahahaha props to the author for this one. way to get every single mustangs owners panties in a wad. April fools bitches!

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