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Aeromotive Calls Out The Crooks! Beware Of Fake Aeromotive Fuel Systems Components

Aeromotive Calls Out The Crooks! Beware Of Fake Aeromotive Fuel Systems Components

We love it when companies have the balls to just step up and defend themselves when something isn’t right. Steve Matusek, Vic Wood, and the rest of the gang at Aeromotive Fuel Systems have decided that they are NOT going to allow companies to continue to manufacture knockoff, counterfeit, or copied parts without the customers knowing what is really happening. They have a page on the Aeromotive website that calls out companies that are KNOWN OFFENDERS so that real Aeromotive customers can purchase the quality parts they expect, rather than some part who’s actual quality standards are unknown.

Here is the story straight from Aeromotive.



Don’t spend your hard earned money on a knock-off! Make sure its Genuine Aeromotive.

It is no surprise that knock-off, or even worse counterfeit products have found their way into the automotive aftermarket industry. It’s no longer limited to women’s handbags and Foakley sunglasses. This is a real issue that is plaguing our industry and misleading buyers. While it is unfortunate, at Aeromotive we want to educate you, our consumer and arm you with information to both prevent you from buying something that is not a genuine Aeromotive product and to curb counterfeiting in our industry.

Knock-off Aeromotive products are finding their way across the ocean onto our shores more and more recently. We are taking every possible step to prevent this, but inevitiably some will slip through the cracks. Not only are these products detrimental to our industry, they are inferior products, made from inferior and cheap materials. They are as much a safety risk as they are liability. Do you trust your engine will be fueled properly with a knock-off from a company with no engineering background, no clue as to the design of the product or its materials and tolerances?

Its important that you know what red flags to look for and more importantly, where NOT to look.

The following retail outlets are NOT Aeromotive authorized dealers and we DO NOT sell to them. To our knowledge, they are offenders. We sternly warn you not to purchase any Aeromotive from these outlets. We also highly encourage you to exercise caution when purchasing any aftermarket performance products from them. As we stated, they are known offenders. Note: This list can change daily. We encourage you to visit this page often, especially before you purchase Aeromotive products. You can also visit our dealer locator for a list of trusted or Authorized Aeromotive Retailers.

AAdvance Auto Parts Co.,Limited, China (Abby Zhang / Julio Yang)

Ali Baba

Ebay Seller – Busaman1

Pro Flow by Aeromotive (Commonly known for counterfeiting the Aeromotive: SS Pump, A1000 Pump and 13205 Regulator)

Hybrid Power Motorsports – Malaysia

Ebay Seller – Fittings2U

Ebay Seller – tsaxalas

Ebay Seller – motobitz2012moto

Godspeed Project (Commonly known for counterfeiting the Aeromotive: 13109 Style Regulators)


The following pictures show only a few examples of counterfeits or knock-offs.

– See more at: http://aeromotiveinc.com/buyer-beware-genuine-aeromotive/#sthash.BgaipvGm.dpuf

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8 thoughts on “Aeromotive Calls Out The Crooks! Beware Of Fake Aeromotive Fuel Systems Components

  1. Sumgai

    This pisses me off. But it is nothing new. Japanese tuning parts have been counterfeited for years now. I had to check my HKS SSQV blowoff valve to make sure it was a real one… luckily it was, but expect a lot of fake parts out there that will require a keen attention to detail. Buyer beware is more true these days than it has ever been, with everyone trying to screw you from every direction.

  2. Matt Cramer

    Interesting that some of the items copy the general style of Aeromotive’s fuel pump packaging on the outside, but Aeromotive hasn’t ever packed their regulators with a set of fittings in a Styrofoam insert like that to the best of my knowledge.

  3. Blue'67CamaroRS

    Another sad thing is that people accept such crap as okay. I’m retired, but I still build motors for friends, for fun. I can’t count the times that someone will suggest that I use a no name part, because it’s the “same thing” and cheaper! I’m not talking about valve covers and other gimcracks, I mean pistons, rods, roller rockers, etc. I refuse to use such crap and a lot of times people go else where to save a buck!

  4. JOHN

    I feel confident in saying that anyone of us that is familiar with Aeromotive and their quality parts, should be able to tell the difference the second it comes out of the box. What a shame that companies are trying to bank off of a top quality name.

  5. C1BAD66

    Okay, I guess I don’t have the experience required to identify knock-off components, especially when the manufacturer’s logo is on them.

    Referring to the pics with [Aeromotive] instruction sheets and package labels, they’d fool me.

    I have to admit if the finish and packaging looks like it does, I’d have no problem installing the stuff. Maybe I’d get bitten by [a lack of ] performance or usability, but damn, it sure looks good.

    1. C1BAD66

      Shoot, did I bamboozle myself? On about the 5th look, I question how the above pics are laid out.

      Are the red-top regulators legit, followed by fakes for comparison?

      Simply labeling the pics wouldn’t have caused me to second-guess myself…

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