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Edelbrock Enforcer Crates Engines – 500+ Horsepower, 500 + LB/FT With A Warranty!

Edelbrock Enforcer Crates Engines – 500+ Horsepower, 500 + LB/FT With A Warranty!

Yes, the Enforcer engines are available with carbs or EFI, are topped with an Edelbrock E-Force Enforcer blower, and make north of 500 hp and north of 500 lb/ft when dyno tested. Oh yeah, they also come with a flipping two year warranty. That’s wild, right?! Heck, Edelbrock even sends oil along with the engine to get you rolling.

We really dig the look and performance of the E-Force Enforcer blowers. We know two guys that have them and they are totally in love with the horsepower and torque jump that the piece provided. With the power numbers advertised for this engine, it will be riotous in virtually anything. The torque output means that you’ll be destroying tires by the dozen and the 519hp rating means that you will be pulling light a freight train at the drags next time you go.

It rules that we live in an age where you can buy a 500hp motor with a huffer on it, get the warranty and then take it to the track to commence the automotive beatings. The ARE the good old days!


Edelbrock Enforcer Crate Engines

TORRANCE, CA – Edelbrock has packaged their most popular crate engine, the RPM E-Tec, with their popular E-Force Enforcer supercharger system to deliver a powerful modern supercharged crate engine that also looks great.

Edelbrock’s Enforcer crate engines deliver the best combination of Power Package components matched with an E-Force supercharger system for the ultimate power plant for any street rod or muscle car. This 350 cubic-inch engine is built from a brand new GM ZZ4 short block with 4-bolt mains and a 1-piece rear main seal. It features a forged steel crankshaft and powdered metal steel connecting rods with hypereutectic aluminum pistons.

The Enforcer crate engines are hand assembled in-house by Edelbrock technicians. The heart of the performance is the Edelbrock Total Power Package®, including: E-Tec 200 heads, RPM Hydraulic roller camshaft, E-Force Supercharger system and two 600cfm Performer Series carburetors or throttle bodies. The result is 9.5:1 compression engine that delivers, 519 HP and 507 ft-lbs. of torque in an electronic fuel injected setup and 518 HP and 500 ft-lbs. in a carbureted setup. They are available in a traditional satin, polished and black powder coated finish. Includes an Edelbrock Victor Series long-style water pump.

Custom build requests are welcome – please contact Edelbrock direct for your application. Every Edelbrock crate engine is backed by a 2-Year, Unlimited Mileage warranty and is built to order.

Application Satin Polished Black
Carbureted Enforcer Supercharged Crate Engine 46040 46041 46043
Electronic Fuel Injected Enforcer Supercharged Crate Engine 46050 46051 46053


Features Include:

  • 519 HP / 507 ft-lbs. of torque (EFI) or 518 HP / 500 ft-lbs. of torque (Carbureted)
  • 100% brand new GM short-block with Edelbrock E-Force supercharger system
  • 2 Year / Unlimited mileage warranty
  • Features Edelbrock’s Classic Series line of valve covers
  • Includes 6 quarts of Edelbrock High Performance Premium Break-In Oil
  • Available in traditional satin, polished or black powder coated finish
  • Assembled in the USA for absolute quality and performance


CLICK HERE to learn more about the Edelbrock Enforcer crate engines

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