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Holley Releases 2-BBL Ultra HP Carbs – Circle Track Racers Rejoice

Holley Releases 2-BBL Ultra HP Carbs – Circle Track Racers Rejoice

When those of us that lean toward the drag racing persuasion think of Holley carbs, we’re naturally picturing Dominators and other fuel mixers capable of sucking the air out of a building in seconds, right? Well for the guys who go fast and turn left on the sportsman level, they think of something completely different. Those guys think of two barrel carbs because the fact is, lots of sportsman stock car racing is based around engine packages that have to run a two venturi carb. Well, things just got really good for those racers who are limited to two barrels because Holley has released their line of two barrel Ultra HP carbs.

These babies have all the benefits that the four barrel Ultra HPs have but in the size that those oval track racers need. Between lighter weight due to all aluminum construction, improved air entry, large capacity bowls, billet metering blocks, and other cool features, these carbs are going to find their way on to scads of fast cars. There are lots of great carb guys out their working their tails off to maximize the performance of previous generation Holley two barrels for circle track racing and their business may slow down a little with these new pieces on the market.

If you are a circle track racer or someone who has a mill that runs a 2-bbl, you need to check these babies out. There’s horsepower in them thar carbs!


Holley carbs have powered more racers than all others combined and they’ve just changed the game again. Holley is proud to introduce the all new Ultra HP 2 Barrel.  Holley 2 barrels have been a mainstay in oval track racing for decades, but racers always want more.  They want more tuning ability, more durability, more weight savings and more features, so Holley listened and designed the all new Ultra HP 2bbl.

It delivers the proven results of the Ultra HP 4bbl but now in a 500 CFM 2bbl. It’s all aluminum so it provides nearly 50% weight savings. It has no choke tower and an all new air entry area for smoother air flow, yet it retains the critical venturii and throttle bore dimensions for rule racing.  It has large capacity HP fuel bowls, wedged float, dedicated race-only throttle lever, billet metering blocks & base plates, plus much more.  The new Ultra HP 2bbl carbs are available in two finishes – a vibratory polished with black billet (part number 0-4412BK) and a Hard Core™ Gray hard coat anodized with black billet (part number 0-4412HB). They are already approved for use in the NASCAR Mid-West/West Coast Late Model Divisions and Holley expects more sanctioning bodies to approve them soon.



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