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Hacks of the Week from Reddit’s JustRolledIntoTheShop

Hacks of the Week from Reddit’s JustRolledIntoTheShop

Sometimes it’s DIY gone wrong, sometimes its a catastrophic failure at a shop full of trained mechanics. Either way, they’re hilariously awful, and that’s why we call them the Hacks of the Week:

Didn’t Want it to Rub the Tire

Brake Line Spring

You’ve got to appreciate the sentiment here. When you go and buy a brake line that’s about seven inches too long, you’ve got to take up the slack somewhere or you’re gonna run into problems. I never bottom out my coil springs anyway. Plenty of space in there.

I’ve Got a Slow Leak

I've got a slow leak

This is what happens when your tire machine is outside. In a hole. With guys throwing rocks at you.

My Brakes are Squeaking

My Brakes are Squeaking

Cats are known to sleep under the hood of a warm car. Rats really dig brake rotors and the smell of burning non-ferrous material. Imagine being the guy that took this wheel off.

Mitt Romney’s New Used Car

Obama Sticker

Politics aside, this is pretty funny. Is it a Tea Party advocate’s new set of wheels, or a Hope and Change guy disillusioned by the current administration’s inability to get it done?

There Has to Be an Easier Way


Pro Tip: When you’re at the point where removing a radio requires Vice-Grips, a Sawzall, the Jaws of Life and a nine-pound hammer, maybe take a step back and re-evaluate the process.

Image Source: reddit.com/r/Justrolledintotheshop/

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3 thoughts on “Hacks of the Week from Reddit’s JustRolledIntoTheShop

  1. Tom Campanelli

    These are great!

    At a GM dealership I worked in I started a wall of shame for our techs. If you screwed up a job the parts you damaged would be hung there with your name for all the parts & service employees to see. It didn’t last too long, when the owner found he he made me stop, he was afraid a customer might wander into the wrong area and see it.

  2. Gonkulator

    I saw one epic hack job of face book the other day this guys lower comtrol arm was being held together with a length of rubber hose and a bunch zip ties !

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