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How To Convert A 4-Door Tri-Five Chevy Into A 2 Door In Your Garage.

How To Convert A 4-Door Tri-Five Chevy Into A 2 Door In Your Garage.

I didn’t grow up as a Tri-Five Chevrolet guy. I always thought they were cool, but they were never “Me” until I stumbled upon a ’56 Wagon a jillion years ago now and ended up building it into the one you all know as Rusty, or Trusty Rusty. When building that car I learned all kinds of things about Tri-Fives and specifically how all of them are basically the same with the exception of some of the skin. What that means is that it is completely possible to mix and match parts, and even modify one standard 4-door into a 2-door with pretty basic tools and skills. What’s cool about this is that a cheap 4-door can be built into a cool 2-door on the cheap compared to purchasing a 2-door project in many cases. At the March Meet at Famoso each year there is a dude out there that has a 4-door that he’s converted the driver side into a 2-door but left the passenger side a 4 door. It’s weird, gets your attention, and makes you scratch your head. But in truth, it’s super functional and funky and I dig it.

The gang at DD Speed Shop have grown their channel on YouTube building some cool stuff and one of their staple projects is a 1957 Chevrolet that they converted from a 4-door to a 2-door. In this video they take all the build videos and put them together into one single how-to that will show you all the steps on converting one yourself, in your garage, with skills we think you guys have. So watch, and learn.

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52 thoughts on “How To Convert A 4-Door Tri-Five Chevy Into A 2 Door In Your Garage.

    1. Steve

      Dan from DDspeedshop does great work. I just recently subscribed to his channel. Awesome content. A regular guy, no lift, no fancy tools, just doing the best you can with what you have. That is the essence of hot rodding. With all the two door Shoebox Chevy’s pretty much restored and out of regular peoples’ price range, the 4 door to 2 door option is one many people should look at seriously.
      Check out DDspeedshop if you haven’t already.

  1. Jeff

    He does good work Nour of his little garage both him an Danny are great down to earth people and an awesome channel full of content you can learn something..

    1. Paul C

      Great channel & great hosts. Been building cars for many years & yet Dan’s how to’s are always educational. Cheers!

      1. Saxon

        These guys are the best! Everyone needs to subscribe – they are giving away a 57 chevy once they reach 57k subs. Let’s do it!

    2. Dan

      DDspeedshop puts out great content. Dan’s a down to earth guy just wrenching on shit in the garage, showing us all the way. Long time subscriber, new member, and in for the long run.

  2. Barnell Hilton

    DDs speed shop is a great channel on YouTube to watch I support them all the way I’ve been watching them since I seen Dan make the blue tri give a two door . Dan and Dannie Are my friends even though I never met them thanks and your welcome Dan and Dannie

  3. Ron L Dempsey

    I’ve been a subscriber to DDSpeedShop for a long while. Dani and Danni are a class act and so down to earth. Good content and their live feeds are a blast.

    1. Brad mcgillivray

      DAN is showing the average us the average guy can have a hotrod for a cheap price .not everyone can afford a foose build ..keep up the good word DD Speedshop putting PEG city on the map for muscle cars .

  4. Micheal W. Engelmeier

    This guy deserves to be a new addition to the Banfshift family, his presentations are clear, informative, understandable, entertaining and professional. His work ethic and skill level, and family friendly vocabulary exceeds the average. A true asset to your site.

  5. Dale H.

    D&D Speedshop has an entire roster of tri-5’s along with a hilarious trip to the dark side with a couple Dodge products.

    1. Brad mcgillivray

      DAN is showing the average us the average guy can have a hotrod for a cheap price .not everyone can afford a foose build ..keep up the good word DD Speedshop putting PEG city on the map for muscle cars .

  6. Paul Marshall

    Dd Speed Shop demonstrated just how the conversion is done. Not only does it look more appealing, it increases the value of the car and definitely the “Cool Factor”.

    1. Gary Essary

      This build is how I found this channel. I enjoy watching Dan working his magic in his garage .You can tell he really likes what he does and it’s great to watch.I really like watching the tri- five stuff.

  7. Robert Ironside

    Dan’s a solid mechanic and honestly loves what he does. What he’s been tackling and bringing back to life on his youtube channel is well worth checking out. It’s way better than watching television I can attest to that 🙂 Tri Five guys would love the videos and the intereaction. Dan and Danni are good people! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  8. Charley Keenan

    DD Speedshop is by no means a one trick pony! He is the real deal and a MUST FOLLOW on YouTube! If you love old(er) iron like I do this guy is top of the mark and making it happen out of a two car garage in Canada!

  9. Bman614

    DD SPEEDShop does cars like most of us with limited budget, space and time do. He builds hotrod in the true sense of the word. Trophy museum pieces aren’t hot rods!

    Check his channel out he has something for everyone…chevy, Mopar and ford!

  10. TC

    Dan and Dannie at DD speed shop are the common guy’s answer to “how to build cars 101.” Dan is a great down to earth guy, just getting it done on a budget. This is the answer to many of us out there that do not have the deep pockets or the fancy equipment to build our hot rods! And, what is not to love about Dan building Tri-Five Chevys!! These cars are timeless and one of the most elegant cars ever built! I can’t wait to see the ‘56 Wagon build from DD Speed Shop soon!! Check his channel out if you haven’t already! You will not be sorry!! I promise!

  11. Jim

    Love watching Dan. Does a lot of good work from his garage. I have always loved the ‘55 (as most everyone does, right?!) never once thought of doing a conversion. But my mind has been redirected in the past 8 months or so. Always waiting to see why next from DD Speed Shop! Dans the man!!!

  12. Michael

    Stumbled on DD SPEED SHOP a few months ago. Dan is up front and honest about what he is doing. Love watching his content. The channel is great. Go check it out. Thanks to bang shift. Com for this article.

  13. DilbertFarb

    Dan is always doing interesting builds on a budget. His better half Dani , will put a smile on your face no matter what kind of day your having.

  14. FrankJones

    Dan is always doing interesting builds on a budget. His better half Dani , will put a smile on your face no matter what kind of day your having.

  15. Thumpin455

    Chad its about damn time you featured Dan’s work. You need to make this guy famous, he is like us. Well, like me and some of the guys since you don’t take on the impossible very often.

    Dan is the better kind of crazy that afflicts me and the guys in the project section. His stuff looks cool when its done and he does good work. The current 56 he is doing is coming out real nice. Get on the ball Chad..or I will get Scott to berate you on RMRW next year.

  16. Pete

    Dan reminds me of me and my buddies in the 80’s. Long hair, working on cars on the ground and on a tight budget. The difference being he has a better work space and better skills. Check out DD Speed Shop for great content.

  17. Jason Billard

    DD Speed Shop is sharing tips and tricks to make car lovers’ dreams attainable. My Dad had a slurry of tri-5’s when he was a young guy; swapping engines and getting whole cars for $25. To me this is the perfect project and with Dad’s fabrication skills we could achieve this.
    Thanks DD Speed Shop.

  18. Barry Toepp

    Did speed shop is an awesome place for ideas. DD and Dan both are awesome and willing to collaborate.

  19. Tony D

    Great “how-to” and entertaining. No fancy shop, they make it happen in a real world way. Check out their other videos.

  20. Eric Siegfried

    DD speed shop does some cool projects! One of my favorite channels! Not afraid to tackle projects alot of people would pass on

  21. AL Piel

    Not really a Gang at D&D or a large shop. Dan busts his rear at a day job about 50 hours a week then puts in 6-8 he’s after work in his tight 2 car garage. He’s down to earth hard working car guy. Dani helps with video and production to YouTube and few times in shop to help bleed brakes. Dan’s Pop Mur pops in to help with hoods and engine Stumpers. That a a Very Cool Great Dane “Steve”! And another new pup is the entire D&D Speed Shop Gang. He’s almost a one legged ass kicker in the frozen north but we know who that guy is and if Dan didn’t have neighbors…

  22. gib the kid

    One of the main reasons Dan’s channel is so appealing, aside from the fact that he is a down to Earth human…is the fact that the scope and nature, and even the messy, cramped home garage, all lend to the concept of “POSSIBILITY”…Anyone watching can be inspired to go out to their garage and tackle a similar project…Something that can’t be said of many big budget Youtube channels that are simply showing “bling” to peasants.

  23. Arthur David Hedlund

    Love Dan’s channel! His can-do attitude definitely inspired me to try a few new things in the garage. I’m always looking forward to his next videos!

  24. john Smith

    Love DDSpeedshop Videos! Dan is the calmest Mechanic who is also a magician with old cars! He turns scrapyard metal into safe, solid derivable classic cars. Not much on frills and trick paint, but solid on safety like front ends, brakes, suspension,and wiring. I love to watch him tackle the impossible and get amazing results in record time!

  25. Trent Johnson

    I watched him do the conversion over many videos. Was cool to see it all in one go. If you have not checked Dan and Dani out over at DD speedshot, do so. Well worth your time!

  26. Steve Robinson

    Dan is THE MAN. Very talented, hard working, great sense of humor, down to earth, unpretentious, making mechanical magic in a tiny little shop that looks a whole lot like mine. The thing that makes his channel so enjoyable to watch is that you can really tell he loves what hes doing. He’s genuine. This is how he’d spend his time weather he was on youtube or not. His girl Dani is so positive and happy all the time. They are the kind of people I like to associate with. You really ought to subscribe.

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