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The F-Bomb Project Is Getting Close To Done! Finishing The Fuselage With Ron Covell

The F-Bomb Project Is Getting Close To Done! Finishing The Fuselage With Ron Covell

Ron is continuing to piece this project together, and in this video he finished making the complete fuselage by building an interesting piece that is pretty simple actually and insures that each end of the fuselage is held in place just right. Other than the shrinker and stretcher, tools that you can buy at a variety of places for reasonable prices, there isn’t anything special going on here. The most important thing is the layout. Getting the metal right before starting to shape it is key on this part of the project, but Ron makes it easy to follow. Then there is the nose cone for this F-Bomb. That one seems to me like a much harder piece, but Ron makes it look easy!

This project is super cool, not only because it is going to look cool when done, but also because the methods used to build it seem really hard but actually are very simple and straightforward if you pay attention to what is going on here. I’ve already learned a few things that will totally help on other projects too. It just makes me want to go see Ron and join one of his classes more than I already did! This video shows Ron connecting all the main pieces of the body together, but that doesn’t mean it’s done. Remember, it is going off to 6061.com as well to get some killer finishing touches before it is all done.

I’m not saying everyone wants to make a miniature bomb, but the steps required to make this thing sure could come in handy when building something else in the shop. And the lesson is coming from the master of metal manipulation, Ron Covell. I mean this dude knows what he’s talking about, has been teaching others how to do it for decades, and is about as humble as they come when talking about his skill. And he’s partnering with 6061.com on this one so you know the end result is going to be fun as hell! I can tell you that if you are not familiar with building bucks or forming metal, then these two videos will be life-changing for you. Seeing just how easy it is to manipulate aluminum sheet into the shape that you want will be an eye-opener for sure. I’m not saying that you’ll be a master in a day, but with these two videos and trying out this project, you will be changing how you view sheet metal projects for sure.

And they don’t require special tools! In the second video, Ron goes over shaping three identical pieces of aluminum and does each one using a different method. The first is literally just using a hammer on a metal workbench. That’s it! Then there is a planishing hammer and then an English wheel. Guess what? Each one does the job perfectly fine, with just a slight difference in the finish work required. I’m telling you, this is a video series to watch. Here are the first two in the series, we’ll bring you the rest as soon as they are out!



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    Hi Chad. I’m reaching out to you regarding a post from a few years ago regarding Magnacore type 80 blower unit you had. Mines died, I need a new one. It can’t be fixed unfortunately. Needle on a haystack chance I know, but do you still have it


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