What Does It Mean When A Diesel Engine Runs Away?

What Does It Mean When A Diesel Engine Runs Away?

If you have ever seen a diesel engine runaway, you know that it is intense at best and scary as hell at worst. There is no doubt that a diesel engine that is out of control and trying to rev itself to the moon is not something you want to be near. There are several things that can cause a diesel engine to runaway, but what is really going on that makes it speed up out of control? In this video from Truck Master you are going to see some examples of runaways and most importantly see how and why they happened.

In addition, you’ll get to see what diesel engine manufacturers have done to stop this from happening to you.

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5 thoughts on “What Does It Mean When A Diesel Engine Runs Away?

  1. Mark Arnold

    I had an acquaintance who was an engineer for the Navy, they were testing a diesel that had been modified for extreme cold weather operation. They were testing it in the cold weather chamber. They started it at room temperature just to check it out. It started and ran fine. When they went to stop it, the engine wouldn’t slow down and wouldn’t stop. It began to accelerate, they shut off the fuel, nothing, finally they stopped it by setting off the fire control system. The engine had been assembled with the rings upside down.

    1. Larry

      Works for Army we had a two and a half ton multi-fuel truck that had a runaway took her jackets off shoved it in the air cleaner started from Fuel and that’s how we stopped them in the army

  2. Bill

    Working on tug boat had a v12 Detroit diesel running away on my only way to stop it was a co2 fire extinguisher shot int in breather and it killed the engine


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