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The Top 11 Best Ways to Fend Off the Hot Rodder’s Winter Blues

The Top 11 Best Ways to Fend Off the Hot Rodder’s Winter Blues

Although we are experiencing a nice week of warm weather up here in the Northeastern corner of the country, we were freezing our cojones off not too long ago and we’ll most likely be doing that again in the near future. Outside of some open houses at various shops, the automotive world has ground to a halt, as it does at this time each year. Since the vast majority of you are in the same boat, we’ve compiled a list of 11 ideas to get yourself through this time of the year. Trying some of these will be great fun….trying others? Well, your mileage may vary.

The Top 11 Best Ways to Fend Off the Hot Rodder’s Winter Blues

11.) Test out the viability of a blown, injected, drag-radial-equipped ’69 Chevelle snow plow.

10.) Settle that bet with your buddy once and for all and drive to his house…in your roadster, during a blizzard.

9.) If you are in the northern climes, link up with a few dudes and go ice racing, even if you never make it to a frozen lake, the bench racing potential is nearly unmatched.

8.) If you are in the southern climes, continue to cruise, drag race, and generally have an uninterrupted good time…you bastards.

7.) Once a week fire up your junk to hear it idle and get a quick sniff of exhaust. It’s the mechanical equivalent of Zoloft.

6.) Practice your fake Finnish accent, find a huge, open, snow-covered parking lot, and pretend you are competing for the World Rally Championship by sliding and spinning your junk all over the place. Added fun comes in the form of your girl/wife acting as “co-driver” in the passenger seat.

5.) Drink heavily.

4.) Spend hours cruising Craigslist for deals on speed equipment, a new piece of iron, or “professional daters” to keep you warm.

3.) Refrain from the “professional daters” if you are married, or otherwise involved with someone, as this could result in your junk being sold on Craigslist.

2.) Make up for all those Spring, Summer, and Fall, weekends at the drags, shows, and late nights working in the shop, by fixing all the stuff around your house that you’ve been hounded about for months. Failure to do this could result in less time at the drags, shows and you actually having to live in the shop.

1.) Two words: indoor burnouts

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5 thoughts on “The Top 11 Best Ways to Fend Off the Hot Rodder’s Winter Blues

  1. crazy canuck

    you missed one, watch all your diamond p and they walked away etc. as for indoor burnouts the anal al gore luvin neighbors called the F D and P D

  2. John T

    1) Come to Australia !! Just finished Summernats and we have probably the next 3-4 months solid of cruises, car shows, swap meets. Add to that its averaging around 30(86) – 35 (95) degrees with a few 45 (113) degree days thrown in , and the fact that most of us live on the coast anyway (Glenelg beach is about 4 minutes from my house) and we have the hottest chicks on the planet…..

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