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The Aussie Bridge Drifters And The Panic That Follows: A Look Into The Anti-Hoon Culture

The Aussie Bridge Drifters And The Panic That Follows: A Look Into The Anti-Hoon Culture

First things first: at no time are we going to defend the actions of the people that are in the Toyota Sprinter and the Nissan Silvia captured in this dash-cam footage. Four-lane drifting, at speed, on a public bridge in the middle of daytime traffic has to be one of the stupidest stunts we’ve ever seen and there should be no issue with police trying to locate them. Their actions are idiotic bordering on deadly and they deserve to be at the wrong end of a judge in court.

But that isn’t why this clip is being posted. No, really…I want you to take a look at the anti-hoon attitudes in the video. Our Australian friends have been telling us for years now just how strict Australian police are over “hooning” in all of its forms, and after watching this piece, from the Aussie edition of A Current Affair, it’s not that difficult to understand what’s driving those perceptions. Ignore for a second the reporting on the cars and look how the driver of the truck is portrayed. He isn’t simply a concerned citizen in this piece…instead he’s treated and portrayed as a victim, someone whose life is scarred by what he saw. The reporters aren’t much better in this regard, playing up the victim factor.


Nobody on either side of the Pacific will argue that these two cars were involved in purely illegal things and that it reflects poorly on the automotive community. But do you start to get a sense of the witch-hunt mentality that is going on? A quick search of the Internet shows public vehicle crushings, 10-car-a-day impound rates, and a very strong push by authorities to report hoon activity. If such activity looks like what’s in the video, go for it, absolutely. But we all have stories of the neighbor that seems to have it out for anything car-related, or a housing authority group trying to overstep their boundaries…imagine if the police were not only on board with them, but leading the charge.


Image: adelaidenow.com.au

(Thanks to Anthony Mahone for the tip)

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11 thoughts on “The Aussie Bridge Drifters And The Panic That Follows: A Look Into The Anti-Hoon Culture

  1. john

    Public car crushing…what a great idea!!! I hope they make the offender watch. Living upside down has clearly helped the “Aussies” think straight. 🙂

  2. Schtauffer

    Reporters are paid to write articles/tape clips which people will read/watch. If they don’t get all dramatic, it’s not interesting. Hence, one must exercise sound judgement when taking in the “news”.

  3. Milkovich

    I think the most absurd part of it is that in the USA the actual reckless op is just a huge fine. Taking the plates off would get you a face full of dirt and a free night at Greybar. If you run, felony evasion. Crushing the car would be the least of your worries.

  4. Hemi Joel

    Which is more dangerous:
    The drifter who obviously knows how to handle his car and was extremely focused, and in complete control, or the info-babe recording her newscast while driving?

    1. kiwi1

      Both, both are being stupid while driving, the drifter needs to take it to the track.

      Australia has some of the worst rules when it comes to modifying cars closely followed by New Zealand, a lot of people freedom on what they can do to cars were lost due to morons like this on the streets.

  5. Lynn Minthorne

    They are NEVER completely under control… Crush them !!!!! BUT They must have video of said offense !!!

  6. Tracy

    “Barely in control of his vehicle”? I think he has more control than most drivers on the road. Check out the gray car to the right of the truck taking the video that almost sideswipes the truck.

  7. Craig

    Stupidity like this is what gives the car culture a bad name,leading to the laws that clamp down on all of us. If you are a gearhead,respect the fact that your actions reflect on all.

  8. John T

    I HATE that the `hunt down a hoon’ image uses an XA coupe at a burnout comp – the public just lump them all together….

  9. John T

    S13’s are common as muck here. the Sprinter slightly less so but yeh. Its a pity Current Affair is such a sensationalist show – the general public take it all as gospel and its part of the reason why things are so draconian in Australia toward modified cars generally. These tools watch too much fart n furious rubbish movies and think they’re car heroes. wankers.

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