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Unhinged: Ignoring The Show Crowds And Just Driving Something Cool

Unhinged: Ignoring The Show Crowds And Just Driving Something Cool

Is it me, or has everyone in the car hobby become more venomous over the last few years? What happened to building something for yourself while simultaneously telling naysayers what they can do and at what pace to do it with? I don’t know. On one hand I see freakshow cars like Suzy Bauter’s Flare Witch Rambler and John Ammer’s Pro Street Cougar and I see the reactions of people who are looking at well-crafted cars that have been shown lots of love, time, effort, money and care. They love them. Suzy’s Rambler is a show-stopper wherever it goes and Ammer’s Cougar is a knockout car that looks classic without looking dated. Both are gorgeous, both are worthy of donating body parts to science to afford.

Then there are those who are just starting out, or those who simply want a neat older car to drive. They don’t have gorgeous paint. They don’t have the big engine, the trick suspension. Half the time they don’t have much going for the car past “it runs” and “patina paint”. Suddenly there’s lots of opinions, plenty of criticism, and the only praise seems to come from fans of the car. Seriously? Is this where we are at right now?

Take in this 1964 Rambler Classic for a moment. Other than the fact that it’s an untouched early AMC product that is still running and driving, what’s to like about it? A straight-six that runs like a sewing machine? Probably the most basic electrical system in a car made before…what, 1940? Maybe even earlier? The only thing I can critique this car about is the main problem, a windshield that needs to be replaced thanks to a tree that came down during one of the storms that recently rolled through the area. It’s basic as all hell. It’s not hot-rodded in the least. It’s bone-stock. A few polish details that wouldn’t cost too much would help out. One safety item, some minor tuning, fresh tires, some carpet and start saving for a paint job and it’d be solid.

Love it or hate it, but this is how people step into the car hobby. They get a car they dig and they just go for it, regardless of whether it’s a car like this Rambler, a Camaro that was handed down, or maybe some Grand Marquis that has sentimental value for whatever reason. I’m certain that this venting won’t do jack shit to stem the tide of internet comments. But this video that Uncle Tony did sums up my overall feeling more than even I am able to express.

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7 thoughts on “Unhinged: Ignoring The Show Crowds And Just Driving Something Cool

  1. Jack M.

    If I lived in a rural town, I would love to daily drive something like this back and forth to work. Unfortunately, in a large city this would be a white knuckle ride everyday. With inattentive drivers, cellphones, selfish drivers and excessive speeds it’s a weekend car at best.

  2. drivindadsdodge

    My Daily Driver is a 1953 Dodge Coronet coupe … (a Unicorn) I get thumbs up every where I go Flat head 6… 3 on the tree
    my second driver is a 1978 Mercury Marquis sedan highway cruiser

  3. Thomas Burch

    My first car was a 65 Rambler classic. There were untold numbers of fathers who died having nightmares of me picking up their daughters in that car….

  4. Whelk

    Um, what are you talking about? Roadkill is popularizing beat to death junk. there are more youtube channels devoted to reviving wrecks than I can count. I see lot’s of features on a writer driving an I6 Hornet all over creation.
    Patina is in and has been for a while. Now is the best time there’s been for driving rusty iron in questionable condition as there’s ever been. Sure some people build gorgeous show cars have been cheering each other on to drive what we’ve got.

  5. Don B

    I left the show car circuit 25 years ago. It was becoming too bitter then and is apparently getting worse. If I ever get Rustang done I will do some local stuff. But no more shows.

  6. Patrick

    I don’t know about car Showa or cars and coffee, don’t like coffee and only road race my cars. People at the track usually, but not always, get it.

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