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This full tilt Camaro Set Up For E-Modified Autocross Will Make You Wish For Spring To Be Here Already

This full tilt Camaro Set Up For E-Modified Autocross Will Make You Wish For Spring To Be Here Already

(Photos courtesy of SoloMatters.com)

With Mother Nature reassuring us, “Yes, winter is still in full-force”, by dropping a foot of snow on the BangShift East Coast Headquarters yesterday, I’m going a bit stir-crazy waiting for Spring to come so that racing season can start up again in the area.

Sure, for you lucky folks in parts of the country where it stays relatively warm all year round (Although this winter has been a bit of an exception) the racing season never really stops, but for us in the northern part of the country there isn’t much to do besides working on your own car or watching the progress as others build theirs.

Since I’ve got nothing notable going on in terms of projects for my own cars and Buford T Justice is covered in snow and ice, my only choice to get my automotive fix is the latter of the two options mentioned above, namely living vicariously through other people’s builds to keep from going Jack Nicholson in The Shining on those around me.

Luckily, this E-Modified Camaro, built by Ron and Sonya Ver Mulm (Along with co-driver Eric Cirks) is one example of the awesome builds that keeps me motivated to remain sane through the next few months.

While the Modified class of Solo (The SCCA’s official term for autocross) is pretty much a free-for-all in regards to modifications, the E designated version of the class is a bit different in that the vehicles must have originally been “street” vehicles.

Ron and Sonya’s first iteration of this car has a bit of an interesting history, apparently having been a GT1 roadrace car before being sent to the junkyard in the early 90s, where Ron saved it and reappropriated it for autocross duties.

At the time the Camaro still resembled a street car, this latest iteration is full tilt race car, with a completely custom tube chassis and fiberglass Camaro bodyshell that is shorter and narrower than a production second gen.

Think you’re a hardcore racer because you’ve relocated your battery to the trunk? How about this for weight distribution: The 406 all-aluminum small block has been set back TWENTY-SEVEN inches and moved nine inches to the right for better front-rear weight distribution and to offset the weight of the driver. Yeah, your trunk-mounted battery is weak sauce.

Sure, this “Camaro” is more funny car than production car, but just look at the thing. I missed out on the days of Trans Am racing by a good decade or two, but this car with its widebody stance and super-wide tires nails that look, and I can’t wait to see more of it in action this year.

Check out a few of the photos of this beast below, and then head over to SoloMatters.com for the rest of the story.


Ver Mulm Camaro 1

Ver Mulm Camaro 2

Ver Mulm Camaro 3

Ver Mulm Camaro 4

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5 thoughts on “This full tilt Camaro Set Up For E-Modified Autocross Will Make You Wish For Spring To Be Here Already

  1. john

    A little large for E-Mod class. Jeff Kiesel’s turbo Sprite won the class at Lincoln last September. Small open cars (see the cones better) rule. Good luck anyway Ron, Sonya and Eric, it looks like a cool car.

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