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Morning Symphony: Giving The Turbochargers That Afterglow!

Morning Symphony: Giving The Turbochargers That Afterglow!

Aussie burnout contests are akin to a rock concert: you aren’t going there for any technical aspect, nor are you there to learn something. You’re there because loud noises, a crowd in a fever pitch and a showman are doing the same thing P.T. Barnum made a killing doing: crowd entertainment. From the moment the driver gets the go-ahead until the run stops, the only thing anybody needs to know is that there is smoke pouring from the tires, the temperatures around the engine are climbing to the stratosphere quickly, and that there is plenty of safety crew ready to jump in at a moment’s notice if something goes wrong. Otherwise, the engine screams to the world and the crowd watching the spectacle scream back in a symbiotic melding of the emotion of man and the excessive display of power of the machine. Much like a rock concert, a skid contest is not for everyone, but for those that do enjoy them, not much else comes close.

The car you’re going to be riding on the windshield of is “2MENTAL”, a Holden VG Ute running a twin-turbo LSX program with fuel injection. When you’re judging at a show like the West Coast Nats and you decide you want to participate, too, the “A” game is the only game to bring to the table. We’ll spare you the tons of tire smoke and instead let you visually see the temperatures rise in the turbochargers and wastegates!

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2 thoughts on “Morning Symphony: Giving The Turbochargers That Afterglow!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Sorry – but burn out contests are the dumbest things ever to hit motorsport!

    What’s the point of spending all that money to build a car that doesn’t even move. I think the term burn out comes from the fact that the car builder’s brains have burnt out!


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