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Best of 2018: Watch As “The Bee Man” Guts A European Hornet Nest Out Of An El Camino

Best of 2018: Watch As “The Bee Man” Guts A European Hornet Nest Out Of An El Camino

I have made no effort to hide my genuine fear of just about any kind of insect that has two distinct capabilities: flight, and a stinger on it’s ass. While I’ve never had a problem with honeybees and I’ve learned to be calmer around carpenter bees and smaller wasps, other species are never going to leave the “eff this, I’m out” list. Bald-headed hornets are still number one on that list…they’re bulked-up yellowjackets that are black and white and are so violently aggressive that officials often recommend setting up a “no-go zone” around that gray paper football of pain. But the most freaked out I’ve ever been around any flying insect of any kind was the first time I got close to a European Hornet. Picture this: leaving the gym when one of these two-inch-long bright orange things greets me at the door and starts making a noise like a Cessna on takeoff. You thought Forrest Gump could run? You hadn’t seen anything like the movement I made that afternoon.

So that brings us to this bit of nightmare fuel. At some point, this Chevrolet El Camino went from a well-optioned car to a bit of yard art, and the hornets saw the opportunity to build. And build they did, occupying the driver’s seat and the space between the sagging headliner and the roof. Nobody wants to have anything to do with an Elky that’s full of Satan’s houseflies, so it’s time to call a professional to come remove the nest. Wearing enough protective garments to keep thousands of little butt-daggers from turning his day into a fun afternoon at the hospital, The Bee Man recorded the removal of the entire nest for the Internet as a whole to watch and cringe at.

Even watching the video, I’m very, very uneasy about this. What about you?

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10 thoughts on “Best of 2018: Watch As “The Bee Man” Guts A European Hornet Nest Out Of An El Camino

  1. Bill Butte

    That bee guy is gonna be outta luck when Kroger starts outlawing those plastic grocery bags that’s killing the Orca whales and other sea life

  2. LanceH

    I’m trying to figure out how to get about 3 of those cans of wasp freeze to explode inside the elco with the door closed…

  3. Nitrojunkie

    Dad put a jackhammer through one of those under our driveway back when I was a kid. I promptly ran like a scalded cat all the way to Burger King and waited it out for an hour, those mofo\’s we\’re huge! Definitely a big fat NOPE.

  4. Geordie Hatin' Mad Chevy

    Shoulda put geordie in the front seat and closed the door. His comments would have bored them all to death.

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