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Video of the Week: 10-Second Chrysler K-Car!

Video of the Week: 10-Second Chrysler K-Car!

This was one I had been holding in my back pocket and will all the talk of Supras and imports on our forum this week, I decided it was time to let it fly. The video was shot at New England Dragway, a few months after the original Fast & Furious movie came out.

The event was called Import Wars, an import and sport compact race. The weather that day was a nightmare, but as you can see, the crowd  was healthy for such an iffy day (you’ll notice one side of the grandstands is empty, it was closed).

I believe this K-car came from the Maryland area and in doing some research, it seems that the original owner of the car has passed away in the time between this video and now.

The car is a screamer, as it turns a mid-10-second blast on this run and thoroughly humiliates a guy driving a Supra. The crowd reaction is priceless. Although you can’t hear it, I was actually announcing the event when this lap went down.

One of the Streetfire.net commenters claims this car has run 9.47!


Kcar vs Supra


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One thought on “Video of the Week: 10-Second Chrysler K-Car!

  1. craig cushing

    You’ve probably picked up on this by this late date, but the “Relentless Reliant” is Gary Donovan’s–he has a website (still active) and has found numerous (and cheap) ways of making the little Mopar four-bangers live and make Gawd-awful horsepower, along with some neat chassis ideas for front-drive traction /weight loss.

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