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Video: The Basquez Roadster Does It All On The Salt, On The Strip, And At The Show

Video: The Basquez Roadster Does It All On The Salt, On The Strip, And At The Show

When our pal Ronnie Mankins sent us a link to this cool video done by Brian Basquez, we dug it. Clearly the Basquez Roadster has an owner who knows how to show it a good time! We knew the roadster, from seeing it around, but we didn’t really know the story behind it. So we asked Brian to give us some insight. Here’s what he said.

“Let me tell you about the history of my Brizio Built Roadster. My DEUCE is not just another 32. My roadster is the only car to…

*Win a prestigious Big “B” Award at the Sacramento Autorama; the second oldest indoor car show in the world. (SHOW)

*Win a Goodguys Vintage Drag Racing Event at the 3rd Annual Nostalgia Nationals in Bowling Green, KY. (STRIP)

*Show up at Goodguys INDY 2008. Defeating the 2007 Hot Rod of the Year on the drag strip and then returning home as a FINALIST for the same award.

*Currently racing at the Bonneville Salt Flats (fastest run: 152mph) Shooting for the Big “2” (SALT)”

Then we asked him what inspired him to make this video.

“Well, I was contacted by a freelance photographer one day. The photographer was legit. HOT ROD Magazine had just printed his work. An eight (8) page feature on a 32 Roadster, that had won the same award I won at the Autorama. That 32 was a show car, and never-even driven on the street.

Anyways, the photographer loved my car and he did TWO photoshoots!  He took action shots at Sacramento Raceway and everything!  However, none of the “HOT ROD” magazines wanted anything to do with it.  Because my roadster is a fiberglass car.

Ironically, a few of the “75 Most Significant DEUCES” ARE glass cars!!

So, my video is not a “fantasy sequence.” It is the real deal!  Fiberglass or not, a steel body was never in the provisions of my budget. And I can’t build a new car every year, or have a stable of cars for every purpose.

If Andy Brizio and Roy Brizio can drive fiberglass roadsters, then so can I.  If John Force can drive a fiberglass Hot Rod, then so can I. ”    Brian Basquez

Well said Brian, and we agree. Steel is cool, but so is glass. Check out the video below, because it proves that this roadster knows how to haul ass and look pretty.

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13 thoughts on “Video: The Basquez Roadster Does It All On The Salt, On The Strip, And At The Show

  1. 3rd Generation

    Another Beautiful Brizio creation and an owner who knows how to have fun !

    You can really study how an early Ford axle interacts with the chassis and steering components on the external photo shoot running down the course.

    Thank you for posting !

    1. Brian Basquez

      3rd Generation,

      Thank you! Roy is the man and I strive to make my hero proud…I have a blast with the car and the people I’ve met along the way.

      Yes, those GoPro cameras really catch everything.

      Glad you liked and thank you BangShift.com!! B.

  2. keezling

    I get snubbed for my glass body all the time. The prewar guys can be pretty snobby. My question of how he’s allowed to run those venues was answered when I saw the cage. How big a pain is getting in and out was partly answered in the video with the assistant and the step, but they cut him actually squeezing in. That would get old street driving real quick for the 50+ crowd. My single hoop gets rejected just about everywhere. Local strip allows me one pass per year with no competition, so it’s a road car.

    1. Brian Basquez

      Yes, “some” can be pretty snobby and it sucks. We are all “car guys” and you would think we could all be potential best friends. Unfortunately, not the case…another reason why I made the video. Self proclaimed “purest” or people that think they are “in the know” have all kinds of followers on the Instalamefame, but haven’t really done anything…So, kiss em a middle finger and have fun. Sometimes, “Old Guys Don’t Rule!” Doors still open. I did that for effect. Yes, I still drive on the street with cage and aluminum seat, but it does take a toll on the ass and back!!

  3. keezling

    Bolt in cage not accepted at my track. Has to be welded in. Love the car, you’re doing it right. Living the life.

    1. Brian Basquez

      Thanx Bobby J!

      I know. It will not be EZ and that SCTA Rules and Records book is very intimidating. I see lots of dollar $$$ too!


  4. Ray Derby

    Hey Brian.
    The steel body vs class body argument is crazy. Both have their place. I’ve had race cars and hot rods, with over priced steel body’s, with all the crooked panels, rust, poor fitting doors they include.
    After you are over the “steel” stigma, and think it through, the composite/glass body makes perfect sense.
    My current “glass” ’32 5 window has all the same neat, traditional, hot rod components as the finest Hot Rods anywhere. 100% TIG welded chassis, SBC, 4 speed overdrive, chopped top, perfect stance, etc., etc. But also has a beautiful, straight, rust free body. The doors shut right, the windows roll up and down, no leaks and looks perfect. I assure you my “HOT ROD” is REAL.
    I loved the story, and the video. I love your DUECE, and your “style”.
    See you around, Ray

    1. Brian Basquez

      “Hey Ray”

      Thank you…I really appreciate your kind words and that you dug the video; cool!!

      Sounds like you’ve “been there and done that” a few times. As a result, you get it and your explanation feels like a Deja vu situation.

      Your 5-window sounds BITCHIN and maybe we will cross cruising paths someday. Until then, keep the rubber-end down bro! B.

  5. man

    love that moby dick as background music, video obviously inspired by the clips in the song remains the same movie

    1. Brian Basquez


      Thank you! You are absolutely right…John Bonham in The Sing Remains the Same was 110% INSPIRATION. John’s HOT ROD was a BRIZIO car too!!


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