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Watch This Awesome 428ci Pontiac Rev To 9,500 RPM And Make 1,000 Naturally Aspirated HP!

Watch This Awesome 428ci Pontiac Rev To 9,500 RPM And Make 1,000 Naturally Aspirated HP!

We use the term Pontiac here with a bit of a wink because the engine you are about to see make some big power on the dyno does not have a single stock Pontiac part in it. What it does have it is a K&M Perofmance MR-1A aluminum block, Kauffman Racing Engines wild Warp 6 heads, a sheetmetal intake, a pair of mondo carbs, probably a billet crank, and some really tough connecting rods and pistons. The 428ci displacement is actually pretty small for this block as we have seen combos well over 500ci built out of these. The good news is that what this thing lacks in physical displacement, it makes up for it in revs and that means some totally sweet dyno noise.

Noted Pontiac engine builder Kaufmann Racing Engines is responsible for the construction of this engine and the notes on the video say that the motor eclipsed 1,000hp at 9,500 RPM. That is impressive stuff and it sure speaks to the effectiveness of the parts involved. This is probably one of the more extreme naturally aspirated Pontiac engines out there and after this testing the word is that this engine landed in an old Pontiac station wagon drag car. How neat is that?

While this engine doesn’t stand as a budget build by any means, we still love it. There’s proof that you can make stupid power with the brand of your choice if you want, even if the parts of the brand of your choice aren’t technically in the engine. The platform is close enough and we have no qualms about calling this a Pontiac.. Anyone who thinks that a stock Pontiac engine could see 9,800 RPM probably could not ID one anyway!

PRESS PLAY BELOW TO SEE A RAGGED EDGE 1,000 HP, naturally aspirated Pontiac SCREAM!

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4 thoughts on “Watch This Awesome 428ci Pontiac Rev To 9,500 RPM And Make 1,000 Naturally Aspirated HP!

  1. 6POINT6

    I believe HO Racing had a 326 Pontiac that was shifted at 9000 rpm. That was the 70’s or early 80’s so it would have been stock block, crank, rods and factory heads. 4 speed car I think. Wiped out clutches regularly if I remember correctly. True its not really a Pontiac but why does every one go out of their way to point that out, they don’t do that with other brands.

  2. Curtis

    On this very website there is a 1965 GTO with twin turbos that puts out over 1500 horsepower on the chassis dyno. It has a factory block and crankshaft. Pontiacs have always been underated. That works to their advantage in any kind of contest.

  3. Gary D

    Looks and sounds nothing like the the warmed over 1967 GTO, 400 ci, 4 speed that I once owned and raced occasionally. Had an Engle solid lifter cam and I always cringed when I revved to 6,000 rpm knowing of the cast – not forged – rods in the engine. This car also had the old Mickey Thompson long tube headers with equal length pipes and a huge long collector. They may not have made the most power, but they definitely sounded great – including while standing still, pinging and ticking as they cooled off.


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