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The “WTF?” Files: Hellcat Powered Prius. Yes, This Is Happening.

The “WTF?” Files: Hellcat Powered Prius. Yes, This Is Happening.

Repeat after me: “There is no such thing as too far.” Now, keep repeating it with me, because what I’m looking at might be the furthest thing from sanity I’ve ever seen. The outer skin of this machine is instantly recognizable: Toyota Prius, the rolling suppository and automotive savior to the section of the driving public that feels guilty whenever they get behind the wheel. No wonder gearheads loathe it’s presence and celebrated when the Roadkill guys flattened one with a tank. The herds of self-righteous eco-dorks had to have had a fit over that bit of film.

But if there is salvation for Toyota’s blight on the automotive world, American Racing Headers will be the guide for the path of enlightenment. For they…are shoving a Hellcat Hemi into a Prius. No, we can’t make that kind of story up, it seems too farfetched. Who would believe you? “I’m gonna get a Hellcat motor, shove it into a Prius, and **** your world up, son!” You’d be laughing on the ground with tears in the corners of your eyes, right?

Click play below. It’s real. It exists. And it’s getting closer and closer to done. We want a crack at it.

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13 thoughts on “The “WTF?” Files: Hellcat Powered Prius. Yes, This Is Happening.

  1. john

    It’s just a frigging car body…it might as well be a “Weiner Mobile”…who cares what they used. Happy motoring!

  2. Gary Smrtic

    I’m with John. I’m pretty sick of the idea of calling it a “Prius” or a ‘Cuda or that project Vailient thing, when all they are is sheet metal to carry the paint or wrap. If it doesn’t have a majority of the factory underpinnings, its just a tube chassis thing; whatever the body is is irrelevant.

  3. Matt Cramer

    The only Prius engine swap that could have been funnier would have been a Diesel… your pick of a Cummins or getting ahold of one of the recalled VWs that still has the cheat code in the ECU.

  4. GeorgeA

    Of course there’s the GT300 ‘Prius” they race in Japan, mid-engined and using the V8 Toyota ran at Le Mans a couple of years back. As noted above, call it what you want, it’s just a wrapper for some automotive “enhancements”.

    NB: just had the delightful experience of clicking Ignore on the spellchecker when “Prius” came up.

  5. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Surely a J2Z would fit into a Prius? But a Hellcat motor has more balls and as you are such an LS junky Bryan you must be really pissed off that one of The General’s crap box motors isn’t under the hood!

  6. bob

    Come on Geordie, ya gotta know by now that Tags is a Mopar guy. I always said that I will never ever own a Prius, but I may take this one. Be nice if they can hide that bad kitty under the stock sheet metal. Can you say sleeper?

  7. RK

    How many people watch NASCAR and believe its actually a Ford, Chevy or Toyota on the track? There’s more Prius in this crazy thing than there is factory car on the race track. But take the fun out of it anyhow if that’s how you roll

  8. Greg

    This is at Fark’s Supercars in Brooklyn, NY. They put a roll bar in my Duster in May and this thing was there. Apparently the owner built it to drive it in the HOV lane on the L.I.E. expecting to get pulled over for a violation in hopes of promoting his company. Seems like a lot of work for that. Still ugly. Fark’s has been around forever, cool old school shop, they do nice work.

  9. oldguy

    yeah , its a shell on tubes but WTH , someone’s gonna shit when they see it !

    My worst driver interactions lately :

    3 – Prius drivers
    2 – Crip ticket drivers ( yeah , I quoted my wife’s physicist uncle )
    #1 Prius w/ a Crip ticket – swear to Christ they friggin’ AIM at me !!!

    1. bob

      Only thing worse than a Prius driver? NYC Prius taxi driver. The worst! Next are mini-vans, followed by Buicks & the rest of the Toyota line-up.

  10. Nick Filippides

    If you don\’t get why this car is being built, you will at some point. Bank on it.

    A.R. Headers

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