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2018 Spring KYANA Swap Meet Coverage: More Cars, More Trucks, and More BangShifty Junk!

2018 Spring KYANA Swap Meet Coverage: More Cars, More Trucks, and More BangShifty Junk!

(Words and photos by Doug Gregory) – Parts.  Chassis parts.  Tires and wheels.  Engine parts.  Tranny parts.  Parts, parts, parts.  This is what the majority of folks visit the swap meet to scrounge for.  They need X or Y for a build, repair, or upgrade.  We were looking for a deal on a Chevy 8.2 posi unit.  We found one….for almost the price of a new one.  There were other things we searched for, but the diff was the unrealized grail of our search.  We did see some great deals on other things and some interesting stuff.  The Monte Carlo checkered wheels are something I haven’t seen in ages.  I spied some SBF valve cover risers….which I knew existed, but had never seen not on an engine.  We spotted more than a few C2 and C3 differentials around the meet.  Who really misses the artwork that used to come on aftermarket product boxes…?  I know I do and had to capture a few for old times’ sake.  4 of them for mufflers and another for a CB radio.  People who read my stuff around here might recall my fascination with induction parts and pieces and there are plenty in this gallery.  The driveline display was really cool, but I was not totally certain of its origins.

Let’s talk about the wheels.  Halibrand kidney-bean 15×8.5 in Chevy small pattern sporting new pie-crusts.  Now I know the price of authentic wheels has really sky-rocketed, but $3,000.00 for the pair…?  I’m sure someone will pay it eventually.

In terms of car parts we came away with only a few treasures in the form of a couple carb adapters, a thermostat housing, and my son Taylor snagged a couple good manuals that cover his ’65 Bel Air.  Actually, I snagged them because he is still in high school and without income.  They say a sucker is born every minute.  I avoid mirrors so I won’t see them.

Enjoy and come back for more.


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5 thoughts on “2018 Spring KYANA Swap Meet Coverage: More Cars, More Trucks, and More BangShifty Junk!

  1. bill

    only down side is that the sellers think they are barrett-Jackson and can/should outrageous prices.

    1. doug gregory

      on day one the prices are usually high. Typically, at most meets we visit, the prices fall over the course of the event. Yes, some people think they have gold when it’s actually more like pewter. Deals can be found and that’s part of the fun. For that ONE thing you really need….you’ll pay out the nose and vendors know it.

  2. Joe Jolly

    Good work Doug!I recently went to a swap meet with some co-workers and I was hoping I DID NOT find a deal on a ford wide ratio toploader . After 2 laps of the place I thought I lucked out. Not a top loader in sight! MY Son and I stepped away from the crowd to get something cold to drink and no sooner than I had sat down my friend Bob called me. He had found the trans I was looking for. A 66 Fairlane, 390 4 speed. Rats.. I couldn’t afford to buy it and couldn’t afford to pass it up..My Son and Bob carried it out for me..(got a great price on it though!)

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