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SEMA 2019 Gallery: Paint So Fresh You Can Smell It

SEMA 2019 Gallery: Paint So Fresh You Can Smell It

Day two of drinking from the firehose in Las Vegas and there are no signs of stopping. SEMA 2019 continues on and we’re on the ground doing what we do best, covering our bases and snapping away at every last photographable car we can find. Right now, as I type, Chad is perusing the new parts that debuted this year for you to check out, and once I’m done here I’m diving back into the Convention Center for more interesting bits to find.

What’s really present this year? Well, for starters, trucks with roof tents are suddenly huge. In the upstairs portion of the South Hall there’s everything from the AEV Prospector XL, a highly modified prior-gen Ram 1500, to a Mini Clubman wearing roof tents for those adventurous types that don’t like the idea of sleeping on a thin layer of fabric on the ground. We’ve gotten to the point of playing “find the Supra without a widebody kit” and I’m currently up to three…out of what feels like a thousand. I’ve finally gotten to see Ken Block’s Cosworth Escort in action and that is one intense and violent little bastard…it has no calm to it whatsoever. And there’s an electrified hall for EV-based products that has Don Garlits’ Swamp Rat 38 sitting proudly on display. There seems to be a lot of buzz about the Chevrolet E-10 concept pickup, too, much of which seems to be positive.

We’re on the move and still working the show, so stay tuned for more from SEMA 2019! If you really want to spend some time at your computer today, CLICK HERE for all of our SEMA coverage!

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4 thoughts on “SEMA 2019 Gallery: Paint So Fresh You Can Smell It

  1. Pete231

    So, I watched the you-tube vids of the SEMA show and the were over forty GTRs present. They were all tarted up in some of the most anally over-wrought and chunk blowing body work along with paint jobs that defy description. I realize that it’s SEMA and all, but 40 GTRs(!?) and not one showed any restraint and/or original engineering thought about what the machines real purpose was supposed to be. How about next year SEMA put a limit on the clown car category and require the exhibitor provide barf bags for the attendees……..

  2. Ro

    I remember when SEMA was a manufacturer\’s display of new items for dealers. Now it\’s turned into a collection of over built machines. Too many people there to see anything , much less do any business. The same owners now owning PRI have let so many people in there that you have the same situation.

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