Powell Machine Tech Talk: We gotta talk about this torque plate deal….. Does It Really Matter?

Powell Machine Tech Talk: We gotta talk about this torque plate deal….. Does It Really Matter?

The internet is a wonderful thing… but it is also a giant pain in the ass. And in its defense, it has just become a vehicle for people to rant and rave about things that sometimes just make no sense. In the horsepower world, the problem with the internet is that a huge percentage of people seem to find themselves discussing engines and engine components with “ideals” in mind. By ideals I mean the absolute theoretical perfect circumstances for an “ideal” engine combination that is going to make the most power per cubic inch possible. I’m talking Formula One levels of performance. Unfortunately, so many people get into discussions like this that it becomes intimidating for the average hot rodder to build an engine. For example, I talk to someone at least once per week who wants to build an LS engine that makes 400-450 horsepower who thinks they need to send stuff off to the machine shop for custom work and thousands of dollars worth of aftermarket parts, when off the shelf stuff will get them there with their junkyard engine.

And I’m not saying nobody should buy aftermarket parts, but why not save your money on the 400 horsepower combo, so you have it to spend on the 1,000 horsepower combo? Or so you can get the 6-speed swap from American Powertrain that you have been wanting?

I know some great engine builders. I love Derek at L&R Engines in SoCal. He’s done machine work on several engines for me and is a great guy who does what is right for his customers. Peter Harrell at Harrell Engine and Dyno is a close friend who does amazing work. And I’m a big fan of Daniel’s videos from Powell Machine. The thing that all three of these guys have in common, and that I hear from tons of other great engine builders, is that not every trick in the book is necessary on every engine. In fact, they aren’t necessary on most engines.

I could go down a giant rabbit hole on all kinds of levels, but this video here is in response to people talking about Torque Plates for honing. Yes they are good. No they are not needed on every application.

Here’s why.

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