Got Ford? COMP Cams Does and They Have A Load Of New Ford Products – Check Them Out Here

Got Ford? COMP Cams Does and They Have A Load Of New Ford Products – Check Them Out Here

The high performance aftermarket is a place where innovation lives and innovation is survival. If you are not pushing the envelope, not constantly releasing new products, not waking up everyday trying to do better for your customers, your company is up the creek. COMP Cams has been and continues to be one of the premier brands for parts that range from valve train components to transmissions and ignition systems in their family of brands. The company had a load of new products at SEMA and if you are a Ford fan, boy has you ship come in.

As you will see at the link below, COMP has released a multitude of camshafts for Ford Coyote engines. These overhead cam engines make great horsepower from the factory with their free-breathing and high revving engines so with boost, with more camshaft, with nitrous, and any other power adder, they truly roar to life. Upgraded timing chains, valve springs, and ignition components highlight the horsepower making parts while new 6X transmissions for small block Fords are also available. Those transmissions can be had as either paddle shifted units or they come with a famed TCI Outlaw Shifter, one of the most popular in the industry.

The world of 2019 is one of mechanical diversity and COMP knows this. These are only the Ford parts, we’ll be back to tell you about more cool stuff for other brands tomorrow!

Smash the cams below to check out COMP Cams’ new Ford products –

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