Improving A Legend: Holley Modernizes Classic Carb Lineup!

Improving A Legend: Holley Modernizes Classic Carb Lineup!

If you are in the market for a Holley carb and you’re looking to have old school looks and modern performance, we have great news. Yes, Holley is modernizing their classic carb lineup! Starting with a design with its roots in the OG 465cfm carb, Holley has made the necessary material changes to make the carbs happy with modern fuels, the hot air choke and fuel bowl vent have been ditched, and much of the tech from the Holley Street Warrior line has been worked into this classic package.

If you have a small cubic inch V8, a healthy V6, or are looking to create a multiple carb application, this thing is exactly what you have been looking for.

We love the fact that while Holley has revolutionized and changed the world of aftermarket EFI that they have not forgotten their roots or the fact that so many of their customers are looking for the performance and looks of a tried and true carb. This is exactly what many people are looking for and these changes are going to be employed up and down their classic carb line. Looking for more CFM? Stay tuned, your turn is next!

Holley Modernizes Classic Carb Lineup!
Holley is pleased to announce the revamp of its existing “Classic Carburetor” lineup – Beginning with the 0-1848-2, this new carburetor draws roots from the original 465 CFM List # 1848, but will have all of the contemporary features you’ve come to love from their Street Warrior models. The aluminum main body and fuel bowls will save weight and provide better heat dissipation (a must-have when running today’s ethanol-blended fuels). It has also ditched the obsolete hot-air choke and fuel bowl vent to bring this carb into the 21st century!
The 1848 features Holley’s classic Gold Dichromate finish, which inhibits corrosion and guarantees great looks for years to come. It is intended for small V8’s or six cylinder engines as well as 2×4 street tunnel ram style setups. The single fuel inlet and preset electric choke make installation a breeze! Meanwhile, the vacuum secondaries allow for use on a broad spectrum of vehicles, compensating for various weights and gearing.

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2 thoughts on “Improving A Legend: Holley Modernizes Classic Carb Lineup!

  1. George

    Considering an upgrade carburetor. Spoke to your technicians and was absolutely pleased at their professionalism, product knowledge, and their willingness to take the time to share good advice. Please thank your staff and team members for all their efforts and help.

  2. Barry_R

    And now the market value of every used cast zinc with dichromate Holley has officially increased by 50% as the restoration and near resto guys realize that this is happening.

    Unquestionably the right thing to do from a functional perspective – but you know how old guys (I am an old guy…) will react.


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