Mark Williams Enterprises New CV-Driveshafts Keep You Out Of A Bind – Strong and Versatile!

Mark Williams Enterprises New CV-Driveshafts Keep You Out Of A Bind – Strong and Versatile!

If there are two things that every drag racer knows it’s that the strength of the driveshaft transferring the power from the transmission to the axle is vitally important and that then adjustment of the rear suspension is also mucho critical to success. Mark Williams Enterprises understands this and that is why they have debuted a new line of driveshafts that use CV joints instead of standard universal joints.

The CV joints are stronger and they allow more range of motion than a universal joint does before it gets into a binding situation. They have taken the best of both worlds and mated them together to make what could be the ultimate driveshaft on the market at this moment.

The materials are top shelf, the construction without parallel, and being designed primarily for altered, dragsters, and funny cars, you know that the crew at M-W has been testing like crazy.

This is the Big Daddy of drag racing driveshafts. Check it out!

M-W Introduces New CV-Joint Driveshafts!

Noted driveline components manufacturer Mark Williams Enterprises has developed a series of ultra-strong driveshaft assemblies that incorporate CV joints in place of conventional U-joints. They are primarily intended for use in drag cars with the transmission positioned close to the rear end (like Dragsters, Altereds and Funny Cars), with limited suspension travel.

There are a number of important advantages to this design, the foremost being the CV joint’s ability to safely function at a much greater operating angle than a universal joint —a very important consideration with 4-link suspensions. It’s also less prone to vibration.

M-W’s CV shaft package is available to fit “shorty” Powerglide transmissions with 27 or 32-spline output shafts. The assembly consists of a tail housing, driveshaft and pinion yoke. And while the CV setup is substantially more expensive than a conventional driveshaft, it can prevent costly problems from U-joint failure.

For additional information call M-W’s tech staff at 866- 308-1722 or visit Like all other M-W products, they are engineered, manufactured and tested in-house at the firm’s state-of-the-art facility in the Colorado Tech Center at 765 S. Pierce Ave. in Louisville, CO 80216.

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