Cool It! This Look At The Meziere 20 GPM Remote Mount Water Pump Is Cool – So Many Uses!

Cool It! This Look At The Meziere 20 GPM Remote Mount Water Pump Is Cool – So Many Uses!

One of the hallmarks of a great aftermarket manufacturer is how many different disciplines of racing, hot rodding, and competition their products show up in. For Meziere Enterprises, that’s a ton. From drag racing to road racing, off-road competition, pulling trucks, and more, these guys make the kinds of parts designed to stand up and deliver when called upon. This video looks at one of Meziere’s most well known, well used, and heartily abused products, their 20-GPM remote mount water pump.

In this case the pump will be used as a helper pump in the cooling system of an off-road racer the type you would find competing at the King of the Hammers and similar events. As the builder in the video tells us, Meziere gives these pumps a service interval of some 2,400 hours of continuous operation before recommending they get checked out. That’s insane. The pumps are small enough to fit almost anywhere that space is a concern and they are strong enough to handle the job of cooling things in the harshest environments that racing and mother nature have to offer.

Meziere makes many different products and every one of them is built to the highest standard that they hold themselves too. Racers populate the company and they use the products that they build. If you have a situation where you need to enhance your cooling system or you need to fit a remote pump due to space restrictions, Meziere should be your first call.

Press play below to see this cool video on the Meziere 20 GPM remote mount water pump

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