Holley’s Going Hemi: New Gen III Hemi Swap Systems for Dodge D100/D150 – Loads Of Parts

Holley’s Going Hemi: New Gen III Hemi Swap Systems for Dodge D100/D150 – Loads Of Parts

The Dodge D100/D150 trucks lines are awesome platforms for hot rodding and they definitely have not gotten the love that the Ford and GM trucks have gotten over the years. Well, Holley plants to fix that with their New Gen III Hemi Swap Systems for Dodge D100/D150.

This is a slew of new parts that lets you take one of Ma Mopar’s mighty late model hemi engines and plug it into the classic truck you want to be driving. Voila, the best of both worlds! This is a complete system from mounts to headers and we’re talking trucks from 1972 to 1993! That is a massive fleet of rigs that will be getting made way cooler and more powerful in a hurry.

We’re not going to flap our gums, Holley has ALL the information below. Everything you need is right here. Get that junkyard crawl on for an engine and make your truck really haul!

New Gen III Hemi Swap Systems for Dodge D100/D150!
Get that Gen III Hemi engine swap started off right by using a fully engineered swap system from Hooker BlackHeart! Holley is pleased to introduce their Hooker BlackHeart D100/D150 Gen III Hemi Swap system, a comprehensive platform approach that provides maximum component clearances, ideal drivetrain geometry, and clearance for their swap headers & 3.00” exhaust system. These systems are designed for Dodge D100 and D150 trucks from 1972-1993. Hooker BlackHeart engineers went through all the headaches to relieve any you might experience in the garage, creating a complete system with motor mounts, transmission cross member, headers, and an exhaust system. All work together for a clean fit and easy installation.
Gen III D100/D150 Engine Swap Mounts:
Hooker BlackHeart Gen III engine swap mounting brackets are designed to work with their modular transmission crossmember part # BHS525 (crossmember & transmission adapter brackets available separately). Together they move the engine slightly forward to eliminate firewall & brake booster modifications. These engine mounting brackets fit the K-member on trucks that originally came from the factory with a V8 or “slant-6” engine. The mounts feature a black finish and include two engine mounting brackets, attaching hardware & instructions.
Hooker BlackHeart Transmission Crossmembers & Adapter Brackets:
The transmission crossmember is a modular design that allows the use of several different transmissions & uses a unique mounting bracket for each type of transmission. This design allows future transmission changes by swapping out only the transmission mounting bracket instead of replacing the whole crossmember. This crossmember works with their BHS524 engine mounting brackets (available separately) to locate the engine slightly forward & eliminates modifications to the firewall & brake booster. Hooker BlackHeart crossmember brackets are engineered to allow the attachment of 8HP70, NAG1, TR6060, 545RFE/46RE, or A727 transmissions to your Gen III Hemi.
Hooker BlackHeart Gen III Hemi Mid-Length D100/D150 Swap Headers:
These mid-length swap headers are part of a fully engineered swap system that provides maximum component clearances, ideal drivetrain geometry and clearance for a 3.00” exhaust system. These high quality mid-length swap headers are made from 304 stainless steel and feature 3/8” thick header flanges, 18-gauge 1-7/8” primary tubes and 3.00” collectors with merge spears. These mid-length headers provide clearance to the brake booster, steering shaft, power steering box, starter (both left & right side mounted), OE (original equipment) rear sump oil pan, and provide clearance for several automatic and manual transmission options.
Hooker BlackHeart Gen III Hemi Mid-Length D100/D150 Exhaust Systems:
Finish off your HEMI Swap project with a high quality exhaust system for the 1972-1993 Dodge D100/D150 2WD short bed 2-wheel drive pickup. They are available in either 3” single outlet, or 2.5” dual outlet options, with a straight through 409 stainless steel muffler and 409 stainless steel mandrel bent exhaust tubing. They are specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Hooker BlackHeart BH2355 or BH2366 mid-length headers. This exhaust system is designed for optimized component clearances when used with the entire Hooker BlackHeart swap system for the D100/D150 platform. The system features a passenger side exhaust outlet, ending just behind the rear tire.

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3 thoughts on “Holley’s Going Hemi: New Gen III Hemi Swap Systems for Dodge D100/D150 – Loads Of Parts

  1. Gary

    Very cool! Definately going to get them for one of my 150’s! (An early ’70’2 440 is going in the other!)

  2. 75Duster

    I did this in 2007 with my ’74 D100 Club Cab with a Street and Performance kit. Recently sold the truck to a buyer in Rhode Island. The truck performed well with a 5.7 Hemi in it.

  3. Joshua Diggs

    very excited love Holley products. i have a 69 Dodge d100, under the hood is a small block 5.2 originally was a 225 slant six . Will the hemi swap motor mounts work in this truck . It has the identical frame setup as the 72 . Tell what you think

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