Watch The Massive Case 150 Steam Tractor Make 170hp and Over 5,000 lb-ft Of Torque On A Prony Brake Dyno

Watch The Massive Case 150 Steam Tractor Make 170hp and Over 5,000 lb-ft Of Torque On A Prony Brake Dyno

We have showed you video and told you about Kory Anderson’s incredible recreation of a Case 150 steam tractor. This $1-million dollar plus project brought back to life an extinct mastodon of a machine from the most awesome era of steam tractors ever. It is not a restoration but a complete recreation that took years and years to properly execute and boy did he! The 150 stands for the horsepower racing of the engine, which was beyond stratospheric for this era. The whole thing is big from the physical size to the performance. There’s one number that’s not just big, it is incredible and that’s the torque output of the machine. You are about to watch it make 5,000 lb-ft and basically have to quit before it gets to peak.

This is not theory, this is math and engineering as the tractor is being tested by using a Prony Brake dyno. This is a basic and old school dyno that has been used to test tractors for years and years because it’s deigned to be used with anything that has a flywheel and can spin a belt. In this case the belt is enormous and that causes some problems as you’ll see.

Basically the way the dyno works is that there’s a lever with weight that’s added. As the lever gets weighed down it presses on a brake. Eventually the brake is brought to a start. One can determine how much torque and power the flywheel is sending out by calculating the weight on the end of the lever arm in relation to the engine speed, etc. The video does a really nice job (via the announcer) of walking us through the numbers and how they are being figured.

This thing is a beast and when the heavy weight gets on the lever and the belt starts flopping, the engine is starting to snort and chuff hard. This is awesome.

Press play below to see the behemoth Case 150 steam tractor do work on the dyno!

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4 thoughts on “Watch The Massive Case 150 Steam Tractor Make 170hp and Over 5,000 lb-ft Of Torque On A Prony Brake Dyno

  1. john

    ” Jesus Christ…what happened to you… your face is all red and there’s a big patch of hair missing from your head?” ” Well….we were at this fair see….and they had this giant steam tractor (traction engine) with a HUGE belt connecting it to a “thingy taking it’s weight”… and it snapped… slapping at least thirty people!!!” ” Momma could have taken a lesson from this….” 🙂

  2. Joel Hemi

    Rolag MN, 2019. I was there, it was incredible. This is the REAL Minnesota, not the rioting thugs in the city!

    1. Kent Kulzer

      Agreed I am extremely disappointed they canceled the 2020 rollag steam thrashers reunion the 150 was a incredible piece of machinery was awesome watching it pull the other steam engines up the hill too.

  3. Jerry C

    Thanks for posting this video. I was the Brake operator that day at Rollag, that is my voice you hear. Testing Kory’s engine was a hoot! I made the statement that we were planning to ‘max out the scale’. I should have said make a full scale sweep. The Toledo scale has sliding weights that provide another 600 pounds of force to be measured.

    Was there more power to be measured? More than likely. Did we have brake capacity to measure more? Yes. So why did we ‘chicken out’ and not go for more? This video shows the belt hopping when we quit. The hop looked a lot bigger from my point of view. I mentioned a squeak. The video didn’t pick up that noise. With the belt hopping and squeaking like that we decided to quit while we were ahead.

    Thanks to everyone that came to the 2019 Show. Yes, I am sad that we won’t have a 2020 Show. Plan to come back next year for the 2021 Show.

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