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This 1963 Former Civil Defense International Scout Is Freaking Awesome! Buy IT!

This 1963 Former Civil Defense International Scout Is Freaking Awesome! Buy IT!

Old International Scouts are awesome in basically any form you can find them in but this one? This 1963 model that was first ordered by the US Government and then turned over to a volunteer fire department, and then turned into a Civil Defense vehicle? This one is beyond the pale cool and it has all the original parts, pieces, pant, and scuff marks to prove that its 50 year lifespan was not all easy days and parades. The seller of this truck has an awesome handle on its history and we love the fact that the seller points out some of the interesting options he knows like magnetic drain plugs and then mentions that there are codes for stuff he cannot identify. Neat, right?

The truck may not wear its original red color on the outside anymore but the factory installed strobe light is right there and likely still working. The engine is a 152ci “half a 304” four banger and like any governmental vehicle, it is pretty stripped of creature comforts. After serving the volunteer fire dept it was made into what you see here with a brace of floodlights above the bed. We’re guessing that there were civil defense requirements from the government about what towns and cities needed to have on hand in the fleet. These fellows apparently needed a light truck.

Unmolested, as simple as a farm tractor, and just as fast, this is one awesome truck that needs to keep its civil defense looking in the future!

eBay: 1963 International Scout with fire department and civil defense history

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10 thoughts on “This 1963 Former Civil Defense International Scout Is Freaking Awesome! Buy IT!

  1. Brian Cooper

    It’s a Scout. So it deserves to be crushed, shredded, melted and dropped in the bottom of the ocean.

      1. Bill Butte

        Yes – I’ve owned Scouts in the past – they were good, purpose built & did what was needed & not designed as hot hot rods or cushy comfy vehicles

  2. Big Sky Dreamer

    Hey – this would make a great hard core hunting vehicle as is!! Maybe a 3-4 inch lift kit & taller tire to boot – you could stand in the back & lean your gun(s) on that rack & then hang your kill on the same rack for the ride home!

  3. George

    A friend’s Dad had one of these back in the late 60’s. My friend took some of us out for a ride. I remember him putting it in low range and popping the clutch in 1st gear pulling some very impressive wheelies.

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