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2.9 Second 0-60, And Runs Elevens Too: The C8 Corvette Performance Numbers Are Officially Out!

2.9 Second 0-60, And Runs Elevens Too: The C8 Corvette Performance Numbers Are Officially Out!

With every new Corvette launch that has happened ever since I was born, Chevrolet has gone out of their way to make huge leaps in performance. Fair enough, after looking directly at the 1980 model with the 305 in the engine bay. 180 horsepower for America’s Sports Car? Yeah, 1980 sucked for performance. Happily, Chevrolet has been hell bent to not see that kind of darkness again…from the original ZR-1, to the LS-powered C5 and everything since, Corvette has stood up as the V8 middle finger in the world of upturned noses and the last bastion of “the Europeans know best” mentality. And now that the Corvette has gone mid-engine, is there something for the Italians to chew on for a minute? Well, GM just unleashed the answers:

0-60 MPH time from a standing start: 2.9 seconds.

Quarter mile elapsed time from standing start: 11.2 seconds @ 121 miles per hour.

Chevrolet has been claiming that the base model Stingray is only using 490 horsepower. Motor Trend did a dyno run and at the worst estimation, suspected that they had at least 558 horsepower and potentially as much as 650 horsepower on tap. Whether they got the ringer from Heaven or not won’t be determined until customer cars start rolling out in February 2020 (the roll-out was delayed by the UAW strike) but either way those numbers are pretty stout. We’re talking Ariel Atom fast, Ferrari 599XX fast. TVR Speed 12 fast from a dead start to highway speed. And the quarter speaks for itself…eleven-two in a corner carver is solid.

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6 thoughts on “2.9 Second 0-60, And Runs Elevens Too: The C8 Corvette Performance Numbers Are Officially Out!

  1. ratpatrol66

    I remember when cars started dipping into the 4s 0-60, then 3s, and now 0-60 in 2.9 seconds? Simply amazing!!!

  2. Derrell

    Never really thought several years ago the factories would be doing this with all the push for safety, emissions, economy, etc. I truly believe THIS is the “golden era” of performance. I’m liking this !!

  3. Realdeal

    0-60 in 2.9 seconds and only 11.2 in the quarter that quick of a 0-60 you would think the quarter would be quicker

  4. 69rrboy

    When I got my 74 Challenger in 1985 it was faster than probably 90% of what was driving around. Now when I watch Motorweek, basically EVERY car they test is faster no matter how mundane or butt ugly it is.

    It still gets a lot of street cred because it’s a loud old car cut if the secret ever gets out that their hideous cockroach looking SUV could clean it’s clock it would be too embarrassing to drive anymore!

    1. larryw

      Yep. So now I claim my hot rod days are past and I’ve evolved into the cool cruiser mode: an early 60’s Caddy ragtop keeps me from getting my doors blown off by my wife’s 3.6 Outback and the like.

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