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BangShift Question of the Day: Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Horsepower?

BangShift Question of the Day: Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Horsepower?

Just like an airplane pilot would tell you that there’s not such thing as too much altitude or too many engines, most hot rodders would tell you that there’s no such thing as too much horsepower. It seems almost sacreligious to even raise the spectre of such a question, but we’re interested in your answers.

We realize that the question is very situational. A guy who drives a Top Fuel dragster will tell you that there is no such thing, but a dude driving a 1500lb T-bucket may beg to differ.

Where do you fall on this one? If your answer is yes, what are the limits and why? Is there a horsepower threshold you have always wanted to pass through? Are you happy where your ride or racer is at now?

The lifeblood of the car hobby is horsepower. When we were kids. the first two questions were, “How fast is it?” and, “How much horsepower does it have?” Of course as we aged we started thinking about how to use that horsepower, but that’s not the point of this question.

Is there such a thing as too much horsepower? If so, why?


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16 thoughts on “BangShift Question of the Day: Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Horsepower?

  1. Johnny G.

    No such thing as to much horsepower but certainly not enough experience and/or talent when it comes to the driver

  2. Ed

    First off, what’s with the dates of some of the previous comments?

    As for the question of too much HP… back in the ’80s (dating myself here) there was an east coast magazine called Cars Illustrated, written by some of the funniest, and more hard core street/drag racers on the planet. It was no holds barred, tell it like it is, to hell with offending anyone (sadly including some of their advertisers) writing. Then editor Tony Defeo wrote an editorial in 1988 about a rocket powered dragster that launched so hard, apparently the driver actually passed out for the first part of the run. A quote from that editorial has stuck with me since:

    “Given unlimited resources….a true hot rodder wouldn’t be content until he had created a car so violent, so hairy, so totally sick that the very act of dropping the hammer would result in instant death. Anything less than that results in the need to make it go faster.”

  3. Xedicon

    Yes there is, but that really depends. It’s funny that BS asks the question but then answers the question perfectly for itself.

  4. NitroNut

    Yes there is. When it’s in the hands of the wrong person! Like when that actor ran that million dollar Ferrari into the k-rail at Irwindale wipping out the front end…dumb ass!!!

  5. 75Duster

    I agree with you NitroNut,there is a limit on too much horsepower in the hands of the wrong person.Eddie Griffen was the actor that wiped out the Ferrari.

  6. Dan-0

    Normally I would say that there is no such thing as too much horsepower. But, when you cannot utilize that power (IE: wheels go up in smoke whenever you punch the loud pedal) then it just might be too much horsepower.

  7. GuitarSlinger

    According to the wisdom of that great American gearhead/sage/poet/guru , Stroker McGurk ;

    ” Too Much Horsepower …….. is ……. Never Enough !!! ”

    In my heart …… I must concur ­čśë

  8. FaceMelter ch3no2

    my initial reaction and gut instict told me lets not be rediculous and had me thinkin┬┤ in all reality the only reason to put any kinda limit on horsepower would be because of some traction issue i.e. poor tack prep or after a weekend of running light to light you have tured your all seasons into slicks! which made me realize that i wasent foolin┬┤anybody but myself cause we all know even a rediculous 569078hp burnout machine would still be RAD as F#@K!! period.


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