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BANGshift Reader Display Of Destruction: How To Destroy A Transmission In No Time!

BANGshift Reader Display Of Destruction: How To Destroy A Transmission In No Time!

Last week I posted up pics from my buddy Brandon Weber, showing his blown up 8.8 Ring and Pinion in his Mustang, and asked for you folks to send in photos of your junk all blown up to. Well you did not disappoint! I got emails from several of you and the level of carnage is all of them was pretty awesome. Not good, but awesome for sure. I’m going to start showing off your submissions as long as you will keep sending them in. Don’t worry, I have more to share, but since this one looks very similar to some carnage that Brian Lohnes created in his Caprice, I thought it appropriate as our first carnage from a reader.

Lohnes blew his junk up by trying to run his Caprice at 11 jillion mph on the chassis dyno with the stock tiny driveshaft and original u-joints. When it became a jumprope under the car it took out the trans case, the tunnel, and almost the dyno operator.

In this particular case, we’ll let the owner of the car tell the story.

Here is what Chris Hardesty sent us.

I bought a sweet 1973 Camaro from NHRA crew Chief Brian Husen back in lat 2011. How cool was it to own a car built by a NHRA Champion tuner. Turns out that during the conversion from a small block 4-speed to a big block automatic that the driveshaft should have been shortened about a inch and half. On my way to a cruise in I hit a very large dip in the road at fairly high speed and this forced the driveshaft into the back of the transmission ripping out the rear mount and completely separating the bellhousing from the transmission and the car puked out all the trans fluid and stopped and forward movement.

Chris Hardesty
The Hardesty Co.
Danvers IL

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4 thoughts on “BANGshift Reader Display Of Destruction: How To Destroy A Transmission In No Time!

  1. old guy

    1978 – co-workers Olds 98 towing a Pony trailer w/ 5 people aboard
    drive shaft was knocking after a ‘ repair ‘ , at about 60 mph a CV let go
    the shaft proceeded to knock the exhaust off , crack the trans case
    and beat the shit out of the bottom of the car all at once
    As we slowed the trans fluid flashed on the cat and there were flames
    coming up past the rear windows ….the drivers 6 year old cleared the
    guard rail in the air when we bailed as it stopped ..
    good news by that time the fluid had leaked out and we put the last of
    the fire out w/dirt + gravel from the side of the road

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