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Caption this Photo: These guys are up to no good!

Caption this Photo: These guys are up to no good!

Tomorrow, you’ll read about my epic adventure weekend spent with Peter Farber and the crew of his 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona Pro Mod. Because I was the FNG and I was there to do whatever needed to be done, my first task was to inject some greenbacks into the local economy by hitting the food store (and maybe the liquor store) for weekend supplies. As we would be staying at the track in Pete’s rig, we needed food and liquid enertainment.

While cruising to the story I spotted this scene in front of me and cracked up. It shot a rogue iPhone photo of it because it seemed ripe for some good captions. It isn’t too often that you spot a pair of cruisers all staged up and ready to go at the stoplight drag strip. I have more than a few ideas for this one, but it is your job out there in BS readerland to caption this photo.

What are these guys up to? What are they yelling at one another? What happened next?

You tell us!

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14 thoughts on “Caption this Photo: These guys are up to no good!

    1. Jerry

      Hey, Bob! I got a tip there is a grade school function this morning and the parking lot is full of cars. We can pick off those speeders coming down the hill and protect the citizens from those criminals going 35 in a 30.

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