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This 1964 Beetle Trucklet Is Well-Done, But Is It For You?

This 1964 Beetle Trucklet Is Well-Done, But Is It For You?

I’ve seen many things done to Volkswagen Beetles. Some, like Baja Bugs and the Meyers Manx, are great ideas. Some, like kit-car Ferraris and visual modifications to make the car into a rolling cat (yes, I’ve seen it) are so horrendous that you immediately reach for the eye-bleach. I’m not a fan of nearly anything old-school VW, and you can blame that on a bad experience of driving a Karmann Ghia once coupled with the sound of Beetles with that reedy-sounding twin-pipe setup. But I might…just might…be tempted into giving it a second shot after seeing this converted Volkswagen truck.



Unlike the Rabbit-based truck or the horrifying Vanagon-based truck (click here to see the crash test video for one), this 1964 Beetle has styling to it. Admittedly, a ton of that styling is cribbed from 1940’s American cars, especially Fords, but somehow it works. The muted brown color looks decent, and the bed is well done, with a small reversed scoop so that the air-cooled engine can breathe. There’s even a panel that opens up for full engine access. Inside, the interior has seen a very nice freshening and under the bed of the truck, storage compartments were built.




The truck is priced at $14,995, which while a little steep, is better than paying to do the work yourself. You can see the truck’s listing here.

This little truck might actually make amends for my issues with VW’s. What about you?

(Thanks to Greg Stewart for the tip)

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6 thoughts on “This 1964 Beetle Trucklet Is Well-Done, But Is It For You?

  1. Beagle

    There was one like it in Dallas when I was a kid, I wanted it bad. Still not sure why, but yeah, I’d roll in it. Could be the ride I took in a Chenowth that would pull the front wheels that made me think I needed a bug. Who knows.

  2. John T

    there was one like this around town years ago – but it wasn’t a truck – it had the `40 Ford front but it also had a 40 roadster rear, which made it a 2 seater roadster and it had nice proportions too – they were a popular kit in the day…

  3. mooseface

    There’s one of these around town, but it has the faux- Rolls Royce grille and hood mod.

  4. 440 6pac

    It’s a coll looking car but its still a VW. Which I don’t have anything against. I just don’t want one.

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