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Don’t Be Surprised When Kids Like The Ones On This Commercial End Up On The News

Don’t Be Surprised When Kids Like The Ones On This Commercial End Up On The News

I’ve had one of those days where most of the people and things I have seen have made me think that most of humanity is filled with incredibly stupid people. When I saw this Liberty Mutual commercial touting the benefits of their 24 Hour Roadside Assistance, and showing two young men who didn’t know what a lug wrench is or how to use it, it took everything I had not to scream at the TV.

If you have children who NEED roadside assistance because they are too stupid to know how to change a tire, then they are too stupid to leave the house and should wear protective gear inside or out. Don’t get me wrong, everyone in my family is covered by our Auto Club of Southern California membership, and I’ve used it when the fuel pump died in the old Suburban, and when I ran out of fuel in the same Suburban because the fuel gauge didn’t work. And I want my children to use it when they are out with someone and their car breaks down. Or if they pull a Chad and try to see how far their junk will run on E.

But make no mistake…I will bust their balls LIKE IT’S MY JOB if they were to show up at home on the hook when they had the parts, tools, and ability to install the spare tire on their car/truck and then come home on said spare.

The recent storms have really shown me how so many of us take things for granted and have no clue. The 20 something news dude actually remarked that at least with the power out you still have your cell phone for entertainment. Really? Does he own the magic iPhone999 that runs on hopes, dreams, and flood water? And how about the commercial for The Weather Channel that says that when the power and your tv goes out you can take The Weather Channel with you anywhere if you have their app. Really? Again is it a magic no battery using app? WTF people?

This week, pay attention to your kids. And instead of smiling at them sweetly, tell them when they are being an idiot and why so they can be the one in their group that knows what to do when the crap goes down.

Wake up people! Stupidity kills people. Don’t be stupid.

Here is the commercial so you can laugh.

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12 thoughts on “Don’t Be Surprised When Kids Like The Ones On This Commercial End Up On The News

  1. orange65

    I agree completely. I can’t believe it when perfectly able bodied people can’t change a freaking tire.

    On the other hand, my daughter has stopped and changed tires for people before- she helped a little old couple on the side of the interstate one day, changing their tire for them. Makes a man proud!

  2. keezling

    Having been a dealership mechanic all my life I saw plenty of do it yourself epic fails, so pick your poison.

  3. Bill Butte

    Changing a tire was part of my sons driver ed program back in the ’80’s. They stopped that years ago for fear of a kid falling under a car or something…..

  4. KCR

    When I saw this on TV ,I screamed at the TV. Why did they use male actors. Frigg’n video playing mommas boys .If it was a cute little 17 yr old girl . I would understand. That is if she was from THE CITY. The country girls around here can change a tire just fine. Trump better rethink messing with North Korea. Because if we go to war,this is what you will have to draft into the Army.And we will be screwed. Anyway this add is a typical look at our high school males of today. If it is not on a computer they are lost.

  5. pats91

    I just rolled my eyes when I cought that commercial on TV. Those type of people are out there. They just have a real aversion to do anything “dirty”, and dont seem to have any drive to be at least a little self sufficient.

    I have several neighbors with this type of mentality, and they are the ones that give the side eye while I work on my stuff in my driveway.

  6. BigDogSS

    I had my kid change her own tire (with my guidance) when she got a flat tire when she was 16. She can use AAA next time, but I wanted her to at least know what to do.

  7. 75Duster

    Thank God I never had kids, they would not end up this way with my guidance.
    During my military career though, I had to deal with kids like these before, as well as new car salesmen that didn’t know how to jump start a car.

  8. Brendan M

    I think this commercial is a metaphor for society, it’s dependence on technology, and it’s eventual downfall. These kids have had sheltered by “helicopter parents”, spent their youth receiving participation trophies in sports where they weren’t allowed to keep score , and are now unable to use deductive reasoning to get them out of a situation requiring thought.
    When the zombie apocalypse comes, I’m guessing their brains will be eaten first.

  9. Walter Joy

    I’m a teenager around their age (I’m 18) and I’ve been taking tires on and off cars for years. I’m both shocked but also stupified by the amount of people in America, let alone the world, who know everything on how a computer or phone works but don’t even know how to replace a tire or change oil.

  10. Ron Thomas

    Only the strong will survive …. these manginas will be the first flowers to shrivel away. Just hope your daughter doesn’t marry one. And train your sons not to become one. I can’t stand a male that watches his wife do the manly stuff….total waste of oxygen.

  11. RK

    So many kids these days don’t even drive or want to. Again that’s how it is here in the city.

    1- Self driving cars will become the norm

    2 – Zombies will invent app that stops your car so they can eat your brain

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