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Things You Just Don’t Start The Week Off Expecting To See

Things You Just Don’t Start The Week Off Expecting To See

Every week we see some of the weirdest stuff, and yet every week something grabs my attention and makes me laugh or cringe or wince because it certainly isn’t what I was expecting in my weekly quota of weird. So this week I decided to share a couple of them that I though were particularly funny or curious. Either because there was a definite technical accomplishment, like the giant log in the minivan above, or because you just wonder what they could possibly have been thinking. You know, like the truck below with the painted on wheels.

So you have to ask yourself, using the two examples here, what the hell were they thinking? But then you also need to ask yourself, just how did they pull that off?

I realize the second question seems to obviously be nodding toward the giant log in the minivan, but it also goes for the dude that thought painting his small wheels and normal tires to look like big wheels and low profiles was a good idea. I say this because the outline of the painted “rim” is perfect! And so are the spokes! How did they get them that accurate? I know it looks like crap, don’t get me wrong, but the effort put forth is real and a bit impressive.

The awesome part about the minivan to me is the small logs used to hold it up in the back, without which the log would have dragged the ground. And I also imagine that there are some ratchet straps that we cannot see in the photos that are holding the front end tightly to the “floor”? I’m not sure, but I want to see it in person and watch it drive down the road. I bet it does really good burnouts!

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4 thoughts on “Things You Just Don’t Start The Week Off Expecting To See

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    All I can say is that the owner of the mini van has a great passion for having huge objects hanging out of his rear end – and one of them belongs to the dwork with the painted on “wheels”!

  2. Brendan M

    When he told his wife they needed to pick up firewood, she didn’t realize they sell it in smaller pieces….

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