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Larger Than Life: Documentary Style Podcast About Big Willie Robinson – Where To Listen!

Larger Than Life: Documentary Style Podcast About Big Willie Robinson – Where To Listen!

Update: If you have not been listening to this podcast you are missing an incredible documentation of drag racing history. Yes, it is street racing history but do not forget about the track that Willie opened and battled to keep open, the facility on Terminal Island in Los Angeles. That’s a central part of the story along with the life and times of a man we certainly could not have dreamed would be so filled with, ummm, interesting decision making. In some ways Willie has turned out to be the guy we expected him to be but in other? In others he has not been at all what the narrative of his life was made to look like. Not all surprises are good ones and that’s doubly true in the life story of Big Willie Robinson. This is required listening for any BangShifter! – Brian

What an awesome surprise this is! The LA Times has produced a multi-part, documentary/investigative style podcast about the life, times, and importance of Big Willie Robinson, the founder of the Brotherhood of Street Racers. In the midst of racial tensions, police tensions, and political tensions in the late 1960s, the larger than life man stepped forward and used cars, drag racing, and sometimes his massive size to help heal wounds and prevent others from being opened up.


We are looking very much forward to listening to each and every episode. The good news is that the podcast series starts today and we have a trailer below that adds a video element to the story so you can see just exactly where this whole thing is heading.

For many years people have been talking about the role and impact of this man but never has anyone done something to this level. Since he has passed, the magazine stories have stopped, the appearances have ended, and his role in history has perhaps faded some. This series promises to highlight the good, the bad, and the important as it pertains to the man they all knew as “Big Willie”. Super awesome!

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8 thoughts on “Larger Than Life: Documentary Style Podcast About Big Willie Robinson – Where To Listen!

  1. BKBridges

    I met Big Willie about a year before he passed away at the Spring Fling in Van Nuys. It was a mind blowing experience hanging out in his Dodge motorhome learning about his exploits (some) directly from the man! I had no idea.
    Thanks Big Willie!

    1. 75Duster

      I also happened to be at that same Mopar Spring Fling when he brought his winged Barracuda, unfortunately I only caught a glimpse of him in his motorhome. Someone needs to do a movie about him.

  2. Newstalgia

    In the beginning of the movie Two Lane Blacktop there s a couple of shots of the terminal island track “The Brotherhood Raceway”. You can see the track workers flying their colors. Im too young to remember my dad taking me there but he said it was always exciting on and off the track…….. one thing he did say is Willy ran it with an iron fist and demanded respect!!!

    1. Greg

      The opening of Two Lane Blacktop isn’t Terminal Island. The track didn’t open until a few years after the movie was filmed. Doesn’t make the opening less cool, we get to see Willie’s Daytona.

  3. Greg

    I’ve listened to all the episodes so far, it’s great. As Brian said, not all the surprises have been good surprises and they don’t sugar coat anything.

  4. Paul Rees

    I got my start on a bike at the TI . I Got help from Henry and Iron Mike . Got Street Racer Colors in a kinda strange way . Willy had me waiting and hanging at the track half the day . I had my little daughter with me , it started to rain and I am still waiting . I finally had enough of that , I knew I was maybe crossing line with .him . I told Iron Mike , that If Willy thinks I am going be hanging out in rain with my kid . He’s sadly mistaken about me . Next week end had a vest tossed in my lap , while getting my bike ready run . His message to me was , family first and always family first . I was public relations rider guy , because I would talk to anyone.


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