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Event Gallery: Fords at Carlisle 2012

Event Gallery: Fords at Carlisle 2012

(Photos by Joe Grippo) – Show season at the mammoth Carlisle, Pennsylvania fairground is in full swing and our own Joe Grippo spent the weekend there at the yearly “Fords at Carlisle” event. This has to be one of the largest Ford only shows in the country and it brings all of the cool and heavy iron out of the wood works. In scanning through Joe’s photos we don’t think there has ever been more cammer engines in one place! There were dozens of historic drag race cars on hand, old stock cars, show cars by the thousands, and trucks too numerous to count. Also on the truck front, the famed F100-XL drag truck was there on display! We didn’t know that monster was still kicking!

We took a wide cross section of Joe’s work and tried to hit all of the bases. From Model Ts that look factory perfect to a modern Mustang that someone installed a vintage cammer engine into, this is Ford flavored mechanical diversity at its best!

Thanks to Joe for the awesome photos!



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2 thoughts on “Event Gallery: Fords at Carlisle 2012

  1. Greg

    Great shots as usual Joe. Is that the genuine, 1-of-2 Boss 429 Cougar of Fast Eddie? And do you know the story of that F100XL pickup?

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