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Trick Flow Has Got Tons Of New Parts – Ford, Chevy, and Mopar Lovers Will All Be Happy

Trick Flow Has Got Tons Of New Parts – Ford, Chevy, and Mopar Lovers Will All Be Happy

As cool as the show cars are, as cool as the crazy builds, are, and as cool as the overall insanity of SEMA 2016 is, the real reason for the show to exist is for companies in the high performance aftermarket to display, debut, show off, and peddle new parts and innovations that their companies have been working on. One of the first stops we made yesterday was with our friends at Trick Flow because they always have neat new stuff and they did NOT disappoint. Trick Flow’s Mike Downs gave us the nickel tour of the booth and it was loaded to the gills with some of the most high quality and interesting horsepower making gear we saw all day. Let’s take a look, shall we?

DHC 175 cylinder heads for Small Block Chevy engines

When you look at these heads you’ll know exactly what Trick Flow did and how brilliant it is that they did it. Anyone who loves the Chevy small block knows what the markings on the end of the head below means. Yes, these things are deviously awesome. A coat of paint and no one will ever know the difference between an old set of factory stockers and these aluminum babies. 60cc combustion chambers, 175cc runners, available with or without accessory bolt holes, and straight spark plug holes mean that these heads may look like vintage factory stockers but they are going to save you weight and make a bunch more power for your small block than anything that left a Detroit factory 50 years ago. Great idea!

sema-show-2016-trick-flow-3 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-4 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-6

PowerPort 175 cylinder heads and Track Heat intake for FE Fords!

We told you that Trick Flow spread the love out pretty widely for the 2016 SEMA show and that includes lovers of the FE Ford big block as well. This venerable horsepower hero has been experiencing a renaissance in recent years and the company recognized that and will help foster with their Track Heat intake and PowerPort 175 heads.

The Track Heat intake is a single plane design with extended runners and a raised plenum floor to move more air and make you more power. This intake is designed to make the most power in the 4,000 to 7,500 RPM range. The intake is designed with extra material for custom porting and there are also bosses that can be machined to accept nitrous nozzles. But what should you bolt this to?

The correct answer is the new PowerPort 175 cylinder heads. Trick Flow has a great legacy with Ford big block performance parts. The company has offered parts for virtually every Ford engine family and now they complete the cycle with this FE offering. These babies will bolt onto any FE engine from 1961-1976. You’ll experience a huge weight savings with the aluminum construction, The CNC port work on the heads is awesome and everyone gets that benefit. How good are these? They will move 338 CFM on the intake side and 249 on the exhaust. Good luck doing that with a stock head.

sema-show-2016-trick-flow-22 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-24 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-28 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-30 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-32 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-35


PowerPort 270 cylinder heads for big block Mopars, valve covers, and valley plate kits for Chrysler fat blocks –

Last year it was big news when Trick Flow went into the big block Chrysler cylinder head business. They dropped the PowerPort 240 on the market and the Mopar faithful went wild for the strongly flowing head. This year the company is proud to announce their their PowerPort 270 will be available and shipping soon. The 270 denotes a 270cc runner and like the other heads we have showed you thus far, these are made of American cast aluminum. Some engineering magic that relocated the oiling holes allowed engineers to optimize runner shape which means more power. These heads will also take a 3/8ths pushrod which is cool.

Designed to work with factory pistons, any brand of roller rockers, and any style of big block Mopar headers, these are truly bolt on pieces. They have Max Wedge style raised intake runners that give the air a nice straight shot to the valve. With flow numbers topping 352 CFM, there’s plenty of power in these babies.

To top the heads, Trick Flow has introduced their own cast valve covers for big block Mopars. These have the proper corner shape to clear the distributor on your engines as well. The stout covers are made from cast aluminum so they will not distort or leak.

The new valley plate for big block Mopars is cool because it features a removable panel for those racers who like to get into their valve train on a regular basis for adjustments and service. The panel is sealed with an O-ring for repeated use.

sema-show-2016-trick-flow-36 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-38 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-40 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-41 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-42  sema-show-2016-trick-flow-44 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-45 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-46 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-47

Trick Flow by Wiseco Pistons and Trick Flow by Stainless Works headers –

Trick Flow has some really strong partners that work with them to develop and create products that meet customer needs. If the names Stainless Works and Wiseco don’t register with you, please hit the lights on the way out. On the exhaust gas removal front, Trick Flow by Stainless Works offers and extensive line of header options for street and race cars, from wild to mild.

If it is pistons you seek, Trick Flow and Wiseco have joined forces to fill that need in your life. From pistons used in hardcore racing applications to the kinds of slugs you want for a fun daily driver, these pistons are of the highest quality and are designed to meet your needs. Right now the piston line is concentrating on Chevrolet engines but will be expanding.

sema-show-2016-trick-flow-15 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-16 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-18 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-19

sema-show-2016-trick-flow-55 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-56 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-57 sema-show-2016-trick-flow-59

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4 thoughts on “Trick Flow Has Got Tons Of New Parts – Ford, Chevy, and Mopar Lovers Will All Be Happy

  1. Matt Cramer

    I had first read that as “DOHC 175 cylinder heads for small block Chevy engines.” That would have been a real surprise. 🙂 That is a pretty clever detail they did there, though.

    1. Rye

      Right! About time someone started doing this with the castings. Hopefully it catches on with bigger heads too…would save me a lot of time and epoxy

  2. robert latil

    on the mopar powerport 240 head, are those two sq. holes in the finished
    block side of the head required? Could or should they be eliminated? thx.

  3. robert latil

    Street and some race mopar guys with stock motor blks. have long realized
    the low deck 383 and better yet the 400 blk. is a better choice for stroker motors.
    Intakes for that application would sell great ! I realize the responce from customers is what will drive Trick Flows to produce such products. I myself, will purchase all of your mopar products. Thank you for your consideration.

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