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Rocket Racing Wheels Now Offers True Thread-On Knockoffs and We Dig ‘Em!

Rocket Racing Wheels Now Offers True Thread-On Knockoffs and We Dig ‘Em!

To us there is nothing worse than the old set of Appliance wheels with the crap knockoff center caps. Not only is it a quick way to ruin the look of your car, but also instantly cheapens it. Rocket Racing Wheels, one of BangShift’s newest sponsors, is combating cheap crap wheels with some of the most bitchin hot rod appropriate wheels on the planet, and has now added true Thread-On Knockoffs to their arsenal.

Available in two styles, the new Rocket Racing Wheels will fit any New Rocket Racing Wheel. They are available Flat or Angled, and include everything you need to outfit your hot rod. They are available in Chrome or Polished Finishes so you can choose what is appropriate for your Rocket Wheels. We plan to try a set out on a future Tire and Wheel Guide story and will let you decide which combos look coolest.

For more information on Rocket’s new Thread-On Knockoffs, check out the press release below or visit WWW.ROCKETRACINGWHEELS.COM

Rocket Racing Wheels Offers A True Thread-On Vintage Style Knockoff    

Premium Wheel Manufacturer Offers Vintage Knockoff To Fit All NEW Rocket Racing Wheels



Chattanooga, Tenn. (May 14, 2012) – From the very early days of vintage motorsports, the competition quickly determined that many races were won and lost by the efficiency of their pit stops. Early adopters of the thread-on, spindle mount knockoff, made for quicker tire changes and pit stops.  The gear heads, hot rod enthusiasts, and weekend warriors from that era began emulating the performance and styling cues from their motorsports heroes. They ripped off the fenders, nixed the windshield, and chopped the top. They tossed the heavy steel wheels and opted for lighter and stronger magnesium or aluminum wheels with spindle-mount knockoffs.

In the decades that followed, vintage knockoffs became a statement of styling and automotive performance in the hot rod culture. Rocket Racing Wheels is proud to offer up a re-designed vintage style knockoff that allows for perfect fitment on our 5-lug & 6-lug applications. The new design offers the same spindle-mount styling, but perfects it with a much safer bolt-on mounting application. The Rocket Vintage Style Knockoff with threaded adapters is sold in pairs, 1 left and 1 right-hand thread for safety. The result? When correctly installed, you have a stylish, safe, knockoff that is in a tightening mode all the way around your ride. Ride a Rocket!

Rocket Vintage Style Knockoff

Our Vintage Style Knockoff fits on every NEW Rocket Racing Wheel from the Rocket Fuel, Booster, Injector, Igniter, Launcher, Strike, and Velocity series. The flat angle knockoff is designed to fit the high offset modern muscle applications, as well as, 6″ wide and narrower classic car applications. Our deep angle vintage knockoff is purpose-built for 7″ wide and wider 0 offset wheel applications. For Hot Rod/Muscle Car applications that run big & little wheel combos, you can order a pair of flat & a pair of deep angle spinners. Choose from Polished or Chrome Finishes according to your wheel finish.


About Rocket Performance Machine:

Rocket Performance Machine (RPM) is the parent company of Rocket Racing Wheels, which builds a complete line of high-performance, nostalgia-inspired wheels for muscle cars, hot rods, street rods, g-machines as well as modern era muscle cars.  To better serve the market, RPM offers a variety of backspacing and offsets to fit more specific muscle car, street rod and hot rod applications. For more information about Rocket Racing Wheels or to locate a Rocket Racing Wheel Dealer, please log on to www.rocketracingwheels.com , call (888) 307-7525, or write Rocket Performance Machine, Inc., 1321 Stuart Street, Chattanooga, TN 37406.


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One thought on “Rocket Racing Wheels Now Offers True Thread-On Knockoffs and We Dig ‘Em!

  1. gary

    Good for Rocket. I’ll have to look seriously next time I buy a set of wheels. I recently bought a set of American Torque Thrusts and was very dissapointed to find cheap plastic caps. I’d have gladly paid extra for good quality aluminum or even steel ones. Damn shame…

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