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Hedman Pulling Out All The Stops At SEMA 2014 – Historic Car On Display And Tons Of New Products Introduced

Hedman Pulling Out All The Stops At SEMA 2014 – Historic Car On Display And Tons Of New Products Introduced

For 60 years, Hedman has been designing, building, and marketing some of the most well constructed and well known parts in the high performance aftermarket. This year at SEMA the company will celebrate that history of creation, innovation, and respect by looking both forward and backward. The company will have the famous “Suddenly” 1957 Plymouth Savoy that was driven on the Bonneville Salt Flats by its then owner, Wally Parks. That car was Hedman equipped and it was used a a very successful promotional tool for both Hot Rod and Chrysler. The “Suddenly” name referred to the Plymouth sales pitch at the time which went along the line of “Suddenly, it is 1960!” touting the advanced design of the cars.

In terms of looking forward the company will roll out a TON of cool new stuff for the 2015 hot rodding blitz. They have new “swap in a box” kits for 1964-1967 GM A-body LS applications and 1982-2004 Chevy S10 LS applications as well. “Swap in a box” is what it sounds like. From high quality mounts to headers, it’ll make your life easy because you won’t be wrangling parts from all over creations. New hedders for Mustangs, new high temperature coatings, and full length LS swap headers for GM X-frame cars are also new to the world and will be on display.

SEMA is less than two weeks away and we’re already pumped!

Hedman celebrates its long-standing history in the automotive aftermarket as it displays a piece of racing history alongside its newest products at the upcoming SEMA Show

WHAT: Come visit the Hedman Performance Group at the 2014 SEMA show, and help Hedman Hedders celebrate its 60th Anniversary with a look at its past and a preview of its new products for 2015. In addition to their new products, Hedman will have Wally Parks’ legendary ’57 Savoy on display with its fully rebuilt hedder and exhaust system. Master pinstriper, Von Hot Rod, will be on hand for two days pinstriping anything you can throw at him (not literally of course), he’ll also be selecting the daily winner of cool, car guy objects d’art he fabricated just for the occasion.

New Products Include:

  • Trans Dapt 1964-67 GM A-Body LS Swap-in-a-Box
  • Trans Dapt 1982-04 Chevy S10 LS Swap-in-a-Box
  • Hedman Hedders 2011-14 Ford Mustang 5.0L 50-state Legal Shorty Headers
  • Hedman Hedders 2011-14 Ford Mustang 5.0L Full Length Headers
  • Hedman Hedders Standard-Duty, ELITE, and 304 Stainless Headers Now Avilalble With Black Maxx Thermal Coating
  • Hedman Husler LS Swap Full Length and Stepped Headers for GM X-Frame Cars

Car on Display:

  • The latest incarnation of Wally Parks’ famous 1957 Plymouth Savoy Sedan “Suddenly” courtesey of his son David Parks.

Von Hot Rod Appearances:

  • Tuesday, November 4th 9:00am – 12:00pm & 1:15pm – 4:45pm
  • Wednesday, November 5th 9:00am – 12:00pm & 1:15pm – 4:45pm
WHERE: Hedman Performance Group Booth # 22543
SEMA Central Hall/Performance Hall (near Ford)
WHEN: November 4-7, 2014


Wally Parks Savoy Bonneville

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2 thoughts on “Hedman Pulling Out All The Stops At SEMA 2014 – Historic Car On Display And Tons Of New Products Introduced

  1. floating doc

    I had a 60 plymouth for my first car, a two door wagon version. It was a special order, radio delete with a slant six/column 3 speed. I’ve never seen another 2 door wagon model of that car.

    Interesting fact: the Plymouth wagons of that era were called Suburbans.

  2. indypajo

    Isn’t this a “clone”? I thought the article about it in Hot Rod a few years ago said the original “Suddenly” was returned to the street as a family car and eventually disappeared? Still a historic recreation none the less.

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