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MSD Power Grid Approved For Use In NHRA Pro Stock

MSD Power Grid Approved For Use In NHRA Pro Stock

The MSD Power Grid has been a game changer since hitting the market a while back. It puts an awesome amount of information and tuning ability right at the fingertips of the user. We’ve seen Power Grids in everything from sportsman bracket cars to Pro Mods and everything in between. Some of our pals with serious street cars, especially those that love to plug into their motors and play with parameters use them, too. It is a great system and MSD has announced that the NHRA has given the green light for the MSD Power Grid to be used in the ultra-competitive world of Pro Stock. We’re thinking that the phones have been ringing like crazy in El Paso with this word hitting the airwaves.

Click here to check out our MSD Power Grid install story. We covered the ins and outs of putting one in a small tire drag car.  

Here’s the full release from MSD –

PowerGrid Ignition System is Legal in NHRA Pro Stock


7720 and 7730 MSD Performance is pleased to announce that the MSD PowerGrid Ignition System has been approved for use in the NHRA Pro Stock class beginning January 1, 2013.


The PowerGrid is the next generation of programmable ignitions with increased spark energy and improved programming capabilities.  The PowerGrid system comprises of two components; the Controller, PN 7730, and the power source, PN 7720.


The PowerGrid system will provide racers with a number of updated features and programming opportunities including:


  • Simple USB connection for laptops
  • Control timing based on engine rpm, gear value, and/or time
  • Advanced cylinder timing based on gear or time
  • CANbus connection for Racepak Data Loggers allows all the ignition data to be displayed on Racepak software
  • Five retard stages for extreme nitrous setups


Racers can download the MSD View programming software at No Charge by visiting this link.


For more information on this or other MSD products, contact MSD at 915-857-5200, [email protected] or point your mouse towards www.msdperformance.com



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2 thoughts on “MSD Power Grid Approved For Use In NHRA Pro Stock

  1. Anonymous

    traction control in pro stock? Surely that can’t be good for the few budget teams left, or am I looking at this all wrong?

  2. Anonymous

    traction control is an add on for the grid. yea you can take timing away at the hit and everything but it will only do what you tell it to. it doesnt have an input to add or remove timing on the fly

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