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Welding Isn’t Rocket Science, But Here Are The 7 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Doing It

Welding Isn’t Rocket Science, But Here Are The 7 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Doing It

I’ve been welding for 40 years in some form or fashion. I’m not the baddest ass welder on earth, I don’t do it often enough anymore to be as good as I used to be, but anyone can be proficient at sticking two pieces of metal together if they practice a little and use some good welding methods. Cleaning material, speed, angle, and welder settings all have an effect on your welding, but there are others as well. In fact, the guys at Weld.com have come up with a list of the 7 most common mistakes people make when welding. Knowing what they are is key to not making those mistakes yourself, so watch this video before you make them the first time or keep making them. Again, this isn’t rocket science.

This video is great because it not only shows you the results of the mistakes, but how to identify them as they are happening. There is a camera angle showing the actual weld puddle and arc as well as an overall shot that lets you hear the welding process happening. This is important, because once you have some practice you’ll realize what a “good” weld sounds like. Now that doesn’t mean you’ll be making pretty welds just because they sound right, but it sure will help because you can learn what the right amperage and speed sounds like.

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9 thoughts on “Welding Isn’t Rocket Science, But Here Are The 7 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Doing It

      1. The pipe surgeon

        Dear Chad/Weld.com please refrain from referring to anyone who only uses this process as a welder. More skill required with painting by numbers.

        1. JOHN CARTER

          Skilled Welders are the highest paying trade in industrial maintenance and construction. It takes a lot of talent … hard work…education…experience…patience… training…effort and give a damn to be br a real welder.

          1. Justin Goodman

            Come on move that welder in a C or an O flat metal I would move a C pattern to keep from building up the weld who the hell are you kidding I could make you look like a newby.

  1. Terry Clarke

    Actually, there is a bit of \”rocket science\” to welding. The correct process requires attention to detail. The materials being welded dictate the filler metal, the structure and strength of the finished weld determines the rest. Discontinuities become defects through a narrow range of inattention and ineptitude. Being dismissive of the knowledge and skill required poorly serves the discipline of welding.

  2. Jack Hart

    Thanks for the tips. As a novice learning to weld, I\’m not a welder, this information was very helpful. It confirmed what the basic practices are.

  3. Balaji CT

    Good article. Welding is a feared name by many and taken for granted by some. It\’s simple if known well, learnt and put to practice.

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