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Classic YouTube: Fox-Body Donuts For Days

Classic YouTube: Fox-Body Donuts For Days

I read somewhere recently that the Fox Body Mustang is the hot rod of Generation X. Hm…let’s see here. Generation X: born between 1960 and ending somewhere between 1977 and 1984. The MTV Generation. The latchkey kids. Slackers, into grunge and hip-hop music. Wait…this is the hot rod of their generation? Not the musclecars they had easy access to growing up, not ’32 Fords and ’57 Chevrolets?

If this needs to be explained to you at all, you need to get out from under that rock and start paying attention. Especially towards the later 1980s and into the 1990s, the 5.0 Mustang was a combination of a lot of wrongs being righted. The Mustang itself had nearly gone front-wheel-drive (see also: Ford Probe) and got a last-minute reprieve after fans of the nameplate hounded Ford to death. So what was fixed? For starters, the size was right…not too large (1971-73 Mustang) and not too small (Mustang II). The engine options were slim but appropriate, especially after 1987…did you want a nice little coupe that got you around? Pick the 2.3L four-cylinder, a competent little bit of work. Did you want to get rowdy? Then there was no replacing the 302…sorry, 5.0L. Toss up the looks between the slim-and-trim LX and the flashy, bodykit from the factory GT. Pick coupe or hatchback, convertible or T-top if you moved before mid-year 1988. Light, potent, and one of the first legitimate threats to the supercars of yore, the 5.0L Mustang became iconic. And yet, thirty-odd years later, they’re still affordable, with an aftermarket capable of putting a whole car together from a gutted shell.

Did we mention that they’re fun? We didn’t? Okay, we’ll end today’s lesson with this practical application. Class dismissed.

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4 thoughts on “Classic YouTube: Fox-Body Donuts For Days

  1. Weasel1

    I was born in ‘56 and my son was born in ‘90. We both like 1st and 4th gen Mustangs but he does love the 3rd gen. I do not like them at all. He thinks that the Fox Body’s are the best.

  2. Steve O

    32 Fords and 57 Chevys were not cheap in the 90s. Basic bottom tier V8 automatic muscle cars that you could actually drive home started at 5k which is 10k in todays money so muscle cars weren’t in the range of 90s high school students either.

  3. Jack M.

    Sorry Bryan, gen x doesn’t begin in 1960. Baby boomers (which I am one) were born between 1944-1964. As for fox bodies, they are good cheap fun. I sold them in the 80’s. Five speed, 3:08 gears and 225 horsepower went through many sets of rear tires!

  4. tw

    I grew up around fox body’s in the 90 ‘s, I love them , v8 , rear wheel drive fun like older musclecars, and as a bonus they were lighter ,had fuel injection driveability and an overdrive unlike 60’s iron . So it was a win for me.

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